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Aug. 15 (Bloomberg) -- FoodyDirect Co-Founders Ken Koenig and Brad Koenig discuss the foundation and the expansion of their national gourmet food delivery service. They speak on “Taking Stock”. (Source: Bloomberg)

Foody direct will deliver it to your door.

You have a background in the food business.

Why would you want to get into this kind of delivery service?

I was running the number one fulfillment partner on seamless here in new york, and i got the call from brad about three years ago with this idea to basically do what seamless and grubhub do basically on a national scale.

But he did not have any background in the restaurant industry.

Your background was in the banking industry.

That's right.

You grew up -- we grew up on long island.

I worked at goldman sachs for 21 years.

We spent a lot of time researching these great restaurants and always enjoyed these great restaurants.

I live now near palo alto.

We have everything -- great restaurants, great food, fresh laundry, but we do not have that great new york smoked salmon.

I was here in new york walking down 7th avenue and went into one of the most famous and greatest lox and bagels places in new york and had just a wonderful meal and the enjoyment and satisfaction of the experience literally brought tears to my eyes.

I went back to california and started doing some research into whether some other iconic legendary establishments around the country ship their food.

It turns out they do, but they have very challenged websites and expensive shipping, so we had the idea to build a marketplace where food lovers could go and discover, browse, order from the top restaurants, bakeries, and specialty preparers in the country.

What kind of foods are on the site?

We have a great selection.

Her stuff, the food has to be ship-worthy, of course.

That is a given.

But in addition, we have regional specialties like some of the best crab cakes maryland.

Buffalo's best chicken wings, memphis barbecue, texas brisket -- things that are very hard to get unless you are in that part of the country.

How do people get on your platform?

They have to meet certain criteria.

They have to, first off, have a very passionate and deep local following.

They have to have great press and media and accolades and independent reviews and things like that on user-driven sites, but they also have to be good and demonstrate an ability to ship in the most professional and reliable way that will ensure that the customer experience 1000 miles away or 3000 miles away is just as good as it is in their restaurant.

I would say that brad has to try all the potential restaurants.

I do.

It's a very tough job.

You must be really, terribly taxed every day.


Actually, we go out and visit these places.

We meet the owners and make sure they are committed to 100% quality, one hundred percent customer satisfaction.

It has been very useful because we have established great relationships with these purveyors.

You can order the food from maine, massachusetts, texas, florida, so on -- what's the next step?

Right now, we have 63 merchants on the site.

Probably 75 by year-end.

Because of the simplicity and efficiency of our software, it is simple and effective for merchants to come on our site.

Over the last several months, we have enabled several merchants that have never shipped before.

The redhook lobster, which was named by "the daily meal" is the best food truck in america.

These are places that have been started by great entrepreneurs and our technology and backend solution is enabling them to ship their product to their craving following.

You got some competition, though.

You mentioned grubhub.

They do things local, but you can also go online and find gourmet options.

I think this really validates the space.

The market for gourmet food in the nation is in the billions, so i think that validates it.

Clearly, we are focused on building a very consumer driven site that has a great experience in terms of ordering perishable food.

You are able to schedule your delivery date, for example.

If you are sending someone a gift, you do not have to send it the day you happen to be in the shopping cart.

You can ship it a month out on your parents' anniversary or your son's graduation.

For have to turn to you as the former banker.

I think i had my fill of ipl's -- philip ipo -- my fill of oipo's in the late 1990's. is there one food purveyor you have been hankering for you are trying to go after that you wish would come on or you wish there was a way to get the food to you?

We have our eye on a couple of really special places that we are confident we will be bringing on over the next few months for sure.

That's the banker's way of saying, "i'm not going to tell you are co-what is your way?

I would say at the same way.

There's one or two that we have not really penetrated as much as we would like to.

I'm thinking ice cream.

What do you think?

We have some of the best ice cream in the country.

Two of our partners were just named, i believe, in the top 10 in america.

A place in north carolina ships the most incredible ice cream sandwiches.

Places like this now have access to optimized shipping rates through foodydirect, and we can bring this food to everyone across north america.

Thanks very much, foodydirect cofounders.

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