Food Fight: The Debate Over `All Natural'

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May 13 (Bloomberg) -- Jerri Graham, founder of Nothin' But Foods, and Steven Laitmon, CEO, discuss the debate over the term "all natural" with Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television's "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)

Steven laitmon is the ceo.

It was a reaction to what was on the market.

After finding products that did not satisfy tastes and flavors and without fillers and processed sugars that you do not need i decided i would make my own.

From starting in the kitchen with the recipe and realizing that i had a product that other people would want to sell or buy.

I started selling them at shops around the area.

It is now grown to a business that can be -- food can be found in costco.

Right now we are in costco and stores like fairway and i happened to walk into one of these coffee shops looking at the alternatives for breakfast and i tried one of these bars and i was so taken by the product i turned it over and said do you want help with this because if think you have something special.

There is a lack of products in the market that taste -- really elevates taste.

If you want to eat healthier we have to start with something that is taste urban.

What characterized something as all-natural in your mind?

All-natural is nothing artificial.

No chemical processed ingredients.

Completely all-natural from the earth the way nature intended it to be.

What jerry has been able to do is take all-natural ingredients and combine them with tasting at the forefront but no artificial ingredients ever and create something that people are gravitating towards.

Is a cost more money to produce this kind of all-natural food whether they are snacks or serial?


-- absolutely.

This is a lot less money.

This is what people wanted and that is what we put in our bars.

It is a little more expensive but when you're going for taste and you want to give people what they want and also something that is healthier you pay that price.

What about private label operations.

Your products are available.

We do select private label opportunities with consumers and brands that share a demographic similar to our own.

They are available at all their locations.

What about funding, are you looking for more money, what would you like to do next question mark we are in the process of raising money right now.

We're talking to a bunch of different private equity investors and some banks.

We are in circle up which is a crowd funding platform.

We have sent -- have had some incredible relationships, and of their.

We're launching our packaging nationwide.

We have a new sales team that we brought on board who is a great group of people.

The last point to you.

Is there a particular food that you would like to make that you have not added to the nothing but line?

I have so many recipes and ideas i think people have to wait and see.

Because i want to surprise people by giving them more products that speak to them because their taste urban.

Just wait and see.

There is a lot coming down.

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