U.S. Mounted Failed Rescue of James Foley, Other Hostages

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Aug. 21 (Bloomberg) -- U.S. special operations forces made a failed attempt to rescue journalist James Foley and other Americans held hostage by Islamic extremists in Syria earlier this summer, the White House said in a statement. Phil Mattingly reports on “Bloomberg Surveillance.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Mattingly is in washington and considers an administration doing with a caliphate and also dealing with atghe whole media.

Did the media forced the administration's hand in this matter?

No question about it, tom.

It is unnerving to some defense department and intelligence community officials that i spoke to.

From the white house perspective, look, you mentioned when did this actually happen.

There is no firm date on it, but i am told it was months, not weeks ago, when this actually occurred.

They stated there were multiple other u.s. hostages on the ground there.

There is almost certainly planning for a second operation or some kind of follow-up operation going on.

There is major concern inside the in administration, and i think vocalized concern.

They have seen a lot of news reports that any operation i might planning is now in big trouble because of these news reports.

When we look at the caliphate and the caliphate without borders, did the in administration look at the islamic state as in syria, in iraq, or is it all one together geographically?

Right now, there are not willing to grab that it is a caliphate or a state.

You will notice they only refer to it as isil, they will never collect the islamic state.

It is also a rhetorical move on their part.

They do not want to give it that credit.

What is interesting about this operation coming to light, what is interesting about the assumption within the u.s. intelligence community, that the execution of james foley actually occurred in syria is up to this point the 80 plus air strikes that have occurred, they have been resigned to only being in iraq.

They have never expanded to syria.

Now we know u.s. troops have been on the ground in syria, now we know a u.s. citizen has been murdered in syria.

There are a lot of calls from both parties to expand those airstrikes to syria, and that pressure is going to grow, tom.

Wife i want to as a question that may strike some as awkward or uncomfortable.

Secretary kerry try to work behind the scenes.

Has there been any discussion of ransoms paid or anything like that?

Adam, it is interesting you bring this up.

The administration has become frustrated, and i think you have heard from families of hostages that have been frustrated on the other side of this.

The u.s. and the u.k. are the only two countries that don't pay ransom.

There is negotiations that often occur, but they will not pay ransom.

What you've seen with the islamic states, what you have seen with these militants in syria is they have made a lot of money over the last 12 months to 16 months off of european countries that do pay for hostages.

The concern right now within the u.s. government is basically the u.s. is faced with the idea that european hostages are being released because people are paying ransom.

Now the islamic state comes to the u.s. and says well, obviously you are going to do the same thing.

Ps my to continue to fund our operations.

That is not u.s. policy.

The u.s. says no.

U.s. hostages are an infinitely more danger because of that.

It is a really big problem both on the countryside with the policy but also these journalists.

The vast majority of them are freelancers.

They do not have large media organizations that have insurance policies or the ability to go negotiate on their

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