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Sept. 16 (Bloomberg) -- Thrillist Media Group Co-Founder and CEO Ben Lerer discusses the market for men's branding and e-commerce with Cory Johnson on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop." (Source: Bloomberg)

Thrillist group.

Interesting stuff you are doing.

How do you defined what a thrillist is?

The bigger goal of the companies that we are a family brand, trying to help guys.

Brand, how broadly as that defined?

Thrillist was our original brand, focused on lifestyle.

Then we had our second brand which was a retail site, focused on fashion for guys.

We have launched another brand recently which takes the same principles that thrillist has and also includes content that provides a service to guys and helps them figure out how to spend their time and money and applies that to music and style.

Do you think about traditional media ? i came from a magazine background.

I still think of gq, esquire, rolling stone as men's magazines.

I think about those businesses a lot.

Those businesses are struggling mightily right now.

And few a few reasons, one of which is just the business model , that they are selling paper.

There are big problems in print.

That being said, being able to scale digitally is also very hard.

There are web audiences, but they're not monetized in the traditional way.

We feel like there is an opportunity to not just monetize and use advertisers but also monetize direct sales.

I want to talk about mobile.

We had an interesting discussion about mobile.

What works in mobile?

First, what works is not treating it like it is some different secondary thing that you also have to think about.

What works is building a product in mobile that is every bit as good as a product on the web.

There are things you can do in mobile that you cannot do and desktop.

There are advantages.

Mobile requires a really simple product.

In general, the simplest products are the best products.

Think about a pinch rest -- a pinterest or an early facebook.

A simple, elegant product.

This again you arrive, you know what you're supposed to do.

Mobile forces your hand to do that.

New iphone comes out today, another one on friday.

What you think about the iphone versus android?

Do they generate equal amounts of revenue?

We have way more success on iphone.

Way more would probably mean about 90% of mobile sales coming through iphone versus android devices.

The caviar is that -- the coffee out -- cav eat is we have built a better iphone experience and iphone app.

We have been a little bit behind in android.

We catching up quickly.

I cannot put a finger on why, but the behaviors of the audiences are different.

We have seen much higher conversions, not just traffic.

It has got to catch up, because we see the number of devices on android now exceeding the number of devices on the iphone.

Really interesting stuff.

I want to talk the more about this here this is the next big thing summit.

I love that part about the android versus apple engagement.

Thank you very much.

Cory johnson will be at the next big thing day long, talking to the biggest voices out there in tech and innovation.

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