Mother's Day Flower Power: Where Do They Come From?

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May 9 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Alix Steel reports on the boost to flower sales from Mother’s Day and where the majority of those flowers come from. She speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.”

I did not, but i bought a card and it cost me nine dollars, which shocked me.

I b i s is expecting sales to rise six percent.

Demand is seasonal, so these days are huge money makers.

Florists get about nine percent of their yearly sales on mother's day week.

For one 800 flowers, it actually eats out valentine's day.

The company is expecting to sell about 11 million flower stems, five .4 million roses, and 1500 plants.

I never really thought about this, but where did they come from?

Half of all of our flowers come from columbia.

It is the main source of flowers.

Columbia makes up 62%, followed by ecuador.

We have basically exported $311 million already this year to feed our flower craving.

The u.s. reduces as well.

The main grower is california.

Market share has been eroded thanks to a free-trade agreement with colombia.

The u.s. wanted to stop growing drugs there, so they wanted farmers to switch industries and allowed many items like flowers to be imported into the u.s. without a tax.

Tax the cheaper flowers being imported, what is the impact -- the cheaper flowers being imported, what is the impact?

One is good, one is bad.

The first affects u.s. growers and they are decreasing industry revenue 1%, forcing many to close up shop.

You have growers dealing with the drought from 2012, which also pushed up prices, making it difficult to compete with the likes of columbia.

The other is for retailers, and that is pretty good.

They love it.

They get to buy more flowers on the cheap.

Retailers have their own issue and the flower industry is a saturated market.

You have a greek tethers's like walmart that can buy a lot, buy on the cheap, -- you have big retailers like walmart that can buy a lot, buy on the cheap.

The number of employees has been cut in half since 2011. most of this has been centralized in the midsized florists, those with between one and 10 people employed.

What are you going to get for mother's day?

Do you know yet?

No, but i threatened my kids.

They had better get me something.

A fun fact is flowers are not a -- are a big seller company not the biggest.


Maybe you will get some bl -- jewelry.

Maybe you'll get some bling.

Definitely not.

I will get something homemade and cheap.

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