Air Safety Standards Need Enforcement: Hamlin

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March 17 (Bloomberg) -- George Hamlin, president of Hamlin Transportation Consulting, discusses the disappearance of Malaysia Flight 370 with Matt Miller and Trish Regan on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

Get a flight simulator with six greens with their own money or is it that interesting to fly one of these big aircraft?

Some pilots are really aviation people.

My late father-in-law after he retired said he would have considered paying them to do it.

Some pilots do love to fly.

I cannot judge what this man was like.

I do not think it is totally out of the question.

I do not think that is helpful to speculate before you know too much.

Is it possible that there was no foul play?

There was no hijacking?

Is it conceivable that this plane lost the communication we usually rely on.

I would say these are fairly unlikely possibilities.

You do think we are looking at a situation where the plane was either hijacked or taken down by some sort of terrorist event?

From the evidence that we know so far, which one seems more likely?

That gets into unnecessary speculation.

We can say this continued to be under the control of some entity for many hours after the last radio contact.

Let me ask you this.

I was on an air france flight several years ago.

Should we have the standards we are over the international waters?

What is your take?

Is not the standards but the enforcement of it.

I would suspect in the case of malaysian airlines they did not authorize the two women to be in the cop that with the copilot.

-- cockpit with the copilot.

Is an interesting case.

How does a plane just fall

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