Fixing Silicon Valley's Income Inequality Problem

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March 19 (Bloomberg) -- Rev. Jesse Jackson, founder of the Rainbow PUSH Coalition, discusses income inequality in Silicon Valley with Cory Johnson on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

Francisco and silicon valley area but throughout technology.

This notion of the way that technology is changing cities and changing -- demonstrating income inequality.

What is technology doing in that regard?

The fact is you would think they would devise ways to have a greater sense of economic justice.

It has become a matter of a rich race to the top.

You have these people gentrifying communities and driving people out, diving homelessness.

My appeal to meg whitman and the board and the people we met with at facebook and google, let's use this technology to figure out how to lift the boats at the bottom.

With food insecurity and people on food stamps and the problems of guns and drugs.

We must go another way.

Rex you wonder about technology itself.

I have this theory that one of the things that technology does is take out the middleman whether it is in ebay or amazon.

They use technology to find ways to get rid of the jobs and the expenses of the middle but that does not tend to have -- add to more employment.

I wonder if technology itself might be the problem.

I do not think it is the problem.

The biggest market is india.

Because of higher skills and cheap labor.

We globalize capital and technology.

We did not globalize human rights.

Workers and children, women's rights and [indiscernible] maybe 33 and all.

People have the right to make all this money and we cannot go much further that way.

The tax evasion thing is interesting.

Why are you highlighting that?

I highlight it because when they're closing schools and hospitals, we are bankrupting cities like detroit and birmingham.

[indiscernible] and where are the rich to go, behind gated walls question mark we have some of the patient to make room for all americans.

We must make room for the poor.

Thank you very much for your time.

The reverend jesse jackson of

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