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Oct. 22 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Phil Mattingly and Megan Hughes discuss the fallout from the technical problems with on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)


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It is tough to her chest become the face of this.

She has become the target.

Republicans were very frustrated during the shutdown that everybody was focused on that and not the disasters rollout of the exchange system.

Now they can focus on that.

Kathleen sibelius is who they are looking at.

She is going to get the full treatment.

She is going to get that now.

She is the target.

They feel like she is the one they can create as the fall guy.

There are some basic things that were overlooked such as them running a trial on the website because they knew it would work.

The basics of blocking was not done.

They were not beta testing.

They had not run through the entire consumer experience.

How did this actually happen?

Who did not tell us what was going on right now.

There's a lot of frustration they thought they could pick it and really take a positive stance forward.

This has taken them back.

This must be frustrating.

Jeff zients took over for gene sperling.

He has been brought in.

But as a big health care background.

This has been the most visible face of the obamacare exchange failures.

They are fixing this site.

This is the big company in canada.

In eclipse blackberry this year.

This has gotten a lot of federal contracts.

It is the u.s. subsidiary headed and fairfax.

It is the main contractor on the health-care rollout.

They have been awarded in total $422 million for work tied to the law.

More than a third came in since march 31. if you take a look at all of it, the big picture is the exchange contractors.

First of all, this is owned by a canadian company.

The network is being designed.

Were they with enough time to make this thing work?

They do not do the testing.

This is not the first of the hearings at what went wrong.


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