Debt Deal for Now... What Happens in Three Months?

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Oct. 17 (Bloomberg) -- Phil Mattingly reports on end of the fiscal crisis. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop." (Source: Bloomberg)

Billion out of the u.s. economy.

We will have full team coverage for you.

David plus -- plouuffe is here for you.

We will be dealing with this a couple months from now.

That is the big concern.

The government is reopened, the debt ceiling has been raised until february 7. come january 15, when this new level of sequestration is going to kick in -- are we going to be back in the same place?

Last night, a reporter yelled at the president, are we going to be back here in a couple of months?

Obama smiled at him and said no.

How he is going to accomplish that, i think that is what everyone wants to know in his statement this morning and going forward in the next couple of weeks.

What mitch mcconnell got out of this debt deal -- what are you hearing about that?

Tucked away in this 35-page deal that both sides past is a provision to increase funding -- about $2.1 billion -- for dam that sits between illinois and kentucky.

Mitch mcconnell has been a target of the senate conservatives fund.

They are calling this the kentucky kickback.

This will be a campaign issue going forward.

Mcconnell's office referred us to the bipartisan appropriators who say that mcconnell had nothing to do with this.

This is something they had already been working on.

That said, you know in a campaign season, particularly a primary season, this is going to be an issue he will have to deal with in the weeks going forward.

Most definitely.

Mike mckee joining us as well

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