First Look: Asteroid Creates Massive Mars Crater

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Feb. 6 (Bloomberg) -- In today's "First Look," Bloomberg's Betty Liu highlights the photos illustrating headlines from around the world on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg Surveillance."

Little bit.


Iin grand central station, a new preview of the show.

This is what they do when it is not the holidays.

I guess.

Lex my reaction was, they still exist?

-- my reaction was, they still exist?

I do an exercise class with a rockette.

You never want to stand with her.

Putin visits a leopard breeding center at the national park in sochi.

The leopard is one of the official mascots of the winter games.

That guy is just always looking for a good photograph.

In his defense, what guy like him isn't? they are all looking for photo ops.

The way he is with his shirt off writing a worse.

Now posing next to a leopard.

It is a little much.

Leopards have doorknobs on their cages.

We took this really cool picture from space showing the aftermath of an asteroid smashing into mars.

The crater at uc is up 100 feet in diameter, a fourth of the asteroid that caused it.

It sent debris as much as nine miles away.

Mars is called the red planet.

The crater appears blue because the impact removes the reddish color.

Nasa got the picture.

So fascinating some of the pictures we're getting from space.

All right, that is reality.

Not to reality.

Sandra bullock looks especially good in " gravity." have a great fashion week.

What is the one brand you are looking for quickly?

I am looking at jason wu for hugo boss.

He is the new creative director and is launching a women's line.

Showing in new york for the first time ever.

He has been fantastic.

Michelle obama.

Very cool, jason wu.

My next bowtie.

Thank you.

Coming back, we will talk about the jobs report coming out friday.

What are we expecting ahead of it on friday?

That is coming up next on bloomberg

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