Finding the Funds to Fix U.S. Infrastructure

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Sept. 23 (Bloomberg) -- In today’s “This Matters Now,” Jonathan Tisch, co-chairman at Loews Corporation, talks with Tom Keene about the future of U.S. infrastructure spending and changes that need to be made. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

Why can't we build is a rick airport?

We can, but we have to create the public/private partnerships that will fund these development or redevelopment.

Clearly everyone has infrastructure on their mind.

A big issue.

Multi billion dollars of conversation that will take place.

It affects the travel industry.

Here we are effectively asking people to come to this country from other countries.

We are inviting them to visit us.

They are coming from hong kong, india, dubai.

They take trains for 15 minutes downtown to the airport and then land at jfk or lax and spend three hours trying to get into manhattan.

They spend time going through customs and immigration.

Leads to a bad travel experience.

They say my trip to the united states was not enjoyable because of the process.

When you go to washington, what do you see that obstructs intelligent infrastructure spending?


Where is the money coming from?

They're starting to see public /private partnerships that are affected outlook wordier.

They are improved.

D spent $1 billion on the terminal.

So there is some hope we are starting to make differences and starting to make progress.

No one wants a new runway.

Some of the airports are at capacity.

What is the way to build a hotel right now, given the infrastructure challenge?

A big hotel or small to big?

It depends.

When you look at new york city where we have 98,000 hotel rooms , new york city is the strongest market in the country.

They are coming in all shapes and sizes.

What is exciting about new york is not just manhattan anymore.

It is still not easy to finance a hotel project.

Some of the ones you and i are talking about are mixed use development and that makes it easier.

We will come back.

Jonathan tisch on the hope tell business.

-- hotel business.

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