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Sept. 10 (Bloomberg) -- BGC Partners Senior Tech Analyst Colin Gillis discusses his outlook for Apple and tech stocks with Trish Regan on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

Good stuff.

Today's closer has spent over 10 years on the street.

He currently has a buy rating on apple with a $500 price target.

Welcome back to "greet smart street smart." quakes we upgraded when the stock was below $400 in the springtime.

We thought there would be a chance for it to outperform the index.

It has done that.

We would like to see the news that comes out tomorrow.

We will sit down with our models and go from there.

The stock did peak last year on september 19. that is when it hit its all-time high after the iphone news had hit an right around the pre- order sales timeframe.

As we were talking earlier, the september quarter is likely to be a decent quarter because you are to be launching the iphone within the september quarter.

The news from japan is quite positive.

The wireless carrier has 60 million subscribers.

Adam did show us a bunch of names that are relatively cheap in the tech space.

In other words, are there other apples out there?

You have to be cautious of apple's market cap.

It is north of $450 billion, and this is a company that, the whims of technology can change rather quickly.

Quick so what else is growing?

We showed some names.

What else have you seen that is growing at a reasonable price?

We like ebay.

They have two fantastic is mrs., the market is knows, -- fantastic businesses, the market business, and paypal.

Quakes so, ebay is one.

Apple you are on hold.

What else do you like?

Apple, we have a buy rating.

Even though your target is $500, which is where the stock is.

But how am i going to make money if your target is right where it is?

Fair point.

We have to sit, take the news in and see if embers go up and down and how we process it from there.


We are going to sell a billion cell phones this year.

This market is exploding and qualcomm is right in the thick of it.

We do not have a rating on it, but it is a fantastic company.

People are looking to marissa mayer with yahoo!

In terms of recommendations, we like ebay.

Homage money can you make on this thing, percentage wise?

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