Finding a Fix for the Heartbleed Bug

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April 11 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Jordan Robertson reports on the latest efforts to fix the Heartbleed bug which is reportedly been found in Cisco, Juniper and Android networking equipment. He speaks to Cory Johnson and Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Every day we learn about more devices affected by this bug.

What people did not know initially as we thought about this as a web server bug.


And google and facebook needed to pass their service but what was not known is that a lot of pieces of hardware uses vulnerable software.

Yesterday, cisco and juniper their hardware and software and today is android phones.

It's an older version of the software but many people still use it.

The even -- they either have not upgraded but it affects millions of devices and it's the responsibility of the handset makers and the carriers to push out the patch.

Are they on the hook for damages?

The way android works, except for google own devices is if you have a samsung phone, google puts out a pass for android, samsung is responsible or your wireless carrier is responsible or posting that to you.

-- for pushing that to you.

Let's imagine that my phone got hacked and i have a samsung phone that did not get an update, our samsung and verizon going to be on the hook for losses?

Is an interesting question.

Google was asked about updating their own services.

This is the weak link.

It's harder to attack a phone versus a website.

You have to do it one by one but it means that samsung and verizon and at&t are the ones responsible for fixing these devices.

What about the cisco juniper?

These are the guys whose equipment are the guts of the internet.

When things go wrong with the devices, those need to be fixed quickly.

How do you fix them?

You have to apply a patch and it is a similar situation.

You have to do the patches one by one.

One person has to download the patch for a device or one router owner to download the patch for his or her router so it takes longer even if you are diligent.

It is manual labor to do these updates.

Cisco and juniper are working on patches and google already has the patch for the android but it takes a long time to get the patches out.

If you are an android user, upgrade to the latest.

Thank you so much.

Keep us up to two.

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