Finance Isn't Going Anywhere: NYU Stern Dean Henry

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Dec. 19 (Bloomberg) -- Peter Henry, Dean of the NYU Stern School of Business, discusses the value of a MBA today and what education means for the whole of society. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's “Market Makers.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Programs do not have.

What do you say to a person who wants to go to sturm and says i really want to do a group project, i do not want to do equations.

I want to have fun.

How do you respond?

We live in an and, not an or world.

Collaborative group project.

That was a market makers shameless plug.

The real value, career opportunities.

When i think about people going back to get their mba's, is it because schools have the ability to rock up all the biggest and best companies and give those students career opportunities?

Is that the real value?

Certainly 96% of our students have full-time job offers, and starting composition for students upon graduation is about 140 thousand dollars.

So, yes, big opportunities, but it is also about learning.

It is about coming to stern because the future of the world -- an example would become you want to go into finance, inc.

Of the opportunities cities present.

2.9 billion people around the world are moving into cities.

Think about all that will mean for economic growth around the world.

I will not let you pick and, i will let you pick or.

If i had to wake up and say this is what i want my students to do, would you pick finance or tech?

The trend is to work tech, but the stock for finance will continue to be high.

When you look at the development of the curricula and the idea of kids coming in, who is your best entering candidate?

I thought it starts with how well liberal arts students can be due within mba curricula.

They show up at your door, they are ready to run, but the liberal arts students can do surprisingly well, can they?


Students well prepared in finance and economics, that is great.

Philosophy majors who are critical thinkers, people who understand how to look at their world, see problems, and use the tools to create value, that is what we are looking for.

That is what the world is looking for.

It is application season right now.

What is your flow and what is the demographic?

An mba degree is still a very valuable degree.

We are still largely seeing students who are roughly 27 years old looking to have a transformational -- you have not introduced the word of 2013, "disruptive," the word of 2012, or the idea of leadership.

Way overused phrases.

How do you teach leadership versus other schools that are leadership, leadership china, google, facebook, apple?

The thing about leadership is you have to show as well as help people to lead.

We believe our students, when they come into our schools, give them the opportunity to work with classmates on real problems . give us an example of a real problem.


We have students -- paul rober -- paul romer is at stern.

We are working with him on the urbanization project, teaching how to lay grids for further expansion.

Do they know how -- do they know who he is?

Tom is doing -- bring up an amazing point.

Paul romer is one of the leading macroeconomists.

He has now turned his attention to one of the biggest problems and opportunities facing the world, rapid urbanization, particularly in the emerging world.

Talking about leadership, who -- do they know who paul romer is?

Is there any argument to be made that mise -- that these millennial's have too much arrogance.

"i want to be a leader, i want to be this." back in my day, i did not ask do i want to work for the man, it was, god, i hope he gives me a job.

Here is what i tell our students.

Have a 30,000 foot respective on the world and the ready to roll up your sleeves.

That is the key.

I want to greg gradually -- i want to congratulate you on bringing the word "rigor" into the mba program.

One of our staff members here are at stern.

It is like your kids and homework.

It is like, yeah.

I can barely get through second grade spanish.

How do you keep the students scrappy?

They might have great opportunities, but how do they leave stern, get into the workforce, and realize it is about tenacity?

Those are different skill sets.

You have to remember and why you is the definition of tenacity.

It is in our dna.

Katie is in social media.

Tell me about the bars around nyu.

Is it enough of the social life around nyu?

There is no question there is a lot to do outside of the classroom.

Rigor and relevance.

This is when all of the banks have first-round interviews at nyu.

Do the students want to spend the summer at investment banks?

As i said, there are big opportunities in the investment world.

Finance is not going anywhere.

The key is finance and something else.

Is there a bank they want to work at most?

Number one pick, do they want to work in -- at blackstone, goldman?

They want to work at great

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