Fiat-Chrysler Deal Means Tiny Car Invasion in U.S.

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Jan. 2 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Matt Miller examines Fiat’s deal to take full ownership of Chrysler on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

Companies for a couple of years already.

An absolute masterstroke.

Simply amazing.

For the past six months we have been talking about an ipo.

They have said there will not be an ipo.

More and more people believing there would be because the union was pressing for that as a negotiating tactic.

The union wanted more than $6 billion.

Marchionne kept saying i want closer to four.

Look at who came out on top.

He got chrysler to pay most of the cash for it.

The most amazing part.

It is going to help the autofiat in so many ways.

They will be able to bring the 4c over here.

The four-cylinder, superlightweight harbin fiber carp.

It is smaller than you.

It is going to be a $50,000 reintroduction of the brand that dustin hoffman drove in "the g raduate." what are they doing here that is different then daimlerchrysler mercedes did?

Here is what they are doing.

Christina cannot be distracted from the italian artwork.

They are using chrysler to help them do better in italy.

I'm where -- trying to help do better than detroit.

They are using the 12 billion in cash to invest mostly in italian factories and help build a new maza roddy.

Is fiat a basket case?

I do not know how to answer that.

So many brands.

It has somewhat of not the best reputation for quality in italy.

It could be turned around.

Is that because the maza roddy -- mazarati keeps breaking down?

They are known for breaking down.

Very importantly, this transaction means the shares are less dilutive.


It is a genius move.

We will see him really pushing to the united states.

Unlike in italy, the brand here is not as tarnished.

What he really has to do first is solve the losses in europe.

Is this the 13th day of bitcoin.

It is not, but i could talk about it all year.

I am from silicon valley and hear this crap all the time.

It is hogwash.

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