Fewer Than 50k Enrolled in Obamacare So Far: Report

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Nov. 12 (Bloomberg) -- Megan Hughes updates the latest news on Obamacare enrollment on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop." (Source: Bloomberg)

The wall street journal is reporting that it enrolled fewer than 50,000 people total as of last week.

They are citing two people familiar with the matter.

To give you perspective and a sense of the goal.

The administration had a target of 800,000 people and rolling for the first two months.

The cbo projected that 7 million people would enroll through 2014. insurers are counting on a high headcount.

The white house is making the case that those young, healthy individuals tend to wait until the last minute.

Kathleen sebelius said she expected initial in rome at to below.

-- ann roman -- enrollment numbers to below.

If these numbers hold out, there will be more ammunition for members of congress.

The official numbers are expected on thursday.

Give us an update on what is happening in congress this week.

What will be the most important thing to watch related to this?

There will be five hearings, all of them on different aspects of obamacare.

One were you can expect fireworks -- before the house oversight committee.

It is chaired by darrell issa.

He has actually subpoenaed top parks, -- todd parks.

The white house has said he is busy fixing the site and that he could testify later.

White house innovation fellows have created a let todd work website advocating for him.

It is unclear whether he will be on the hot seat tomorrow.

One person expected to testify, and he -- henry chow.

He made a last-minute decision for visitors to create an account before browsing.

That is being blamed for bottleneck.

We may see a vote that will allow insurance plans to continue even if they don't meet the new standards under the law to read that has been a controversy a issue.

-- controversial issue.

The world trade center complex is taking another step forward on its journey to restore hundreds of thousands of square feet of office space in lower manhattan.

It is set to open this week and will be the first real test as to how big business will move back to the area.

Julie hyman recently toured the area and took a look at the massive task of filling those empty spaces.

Take the construction

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