Few Worked as Hard for Obama as Katy Perry: Plouffe

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Jan. 23 (Bloomberg) –- Former White House Senior Adviser and Bloomberg News Contributor David Plouffe discusses how singer Katy Perry may have helped President Obama in the 2012 election with Mark Crumpton and Trish Regan on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Eye, pop singer katy perry telling "g.q." that she may have won wisconsin for president obama in the last election.

You're his former campaign manager.

What do you think?

Well, we had some other help . very few people worked as hard as she did.

She crisscrossed the country for us.

I talked to her in las vegas when she was performing and she said she was passionate.

She helped register people to vote and turned out.

She has a big audience on social works.

People could tell it was authentic.

Do they matter in terms of getting the youth vote, for example?

They have got a big network of people they can reach, right.

I think the reason she was so effective is people knew she cared about issues, whether it was women's health care, whether it was the economy, she cared about these issues.

She was really committed.

She did probably attend 15 events for us and traveled really, really hard.

You are a professional political operative.

How can you tell it's genuine?

Some folks want to go along for the ride and be in the limelight?

Voters and young people have a sensitized b.s. meter and can tell whether anyone means it or not.

It's hard to reach people these days.

Every consumer company knows that.

You have someone with tens of millions of followers on twitter, give an interview and reach a lot of people, it's an asset.

She told "g.q." magazine she believes in aliens.

She joins a third of the country.

Mike huckabee said women

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