Ferry Captain and 2 Crew Members Arrested

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April 21 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Sam Kim reports the latest on the ferry disaster off the coast of South Korea, including the possibility of criminal charges against as many as 40 people. He speaks to Rishaad Salamat on Bloomberg Television’s “On The Move Asia.” (Source: Bloomberg)

64 people are dead so far and that number is expected to rise dramatically with more than 240 people still unaccounted for.

You went down to the rescue site.

What can you tell us?

We still haven't heard about any survivors since the first day of the sinking, which was five days ago.

The focus is shifting onto the crewmembers, what they did before the sinking happened.

Investigators have arrested the captain and two other crew members, pressing charges including accidental homicide and negligent of judy -- negligence of duty.

Investigators are expanding their investigation to seven other people and as many as 40 people have been banned from leaving the country.

There is a possibility that criminal charges could be pressed against more people.

The investigators are looking into modifications that had been made to the ship to increase passenger capacity by more than 100 people and also cargo capacity.

We are hearing more about the moment after the accident.

From leaked transcripts.

What are the details?

Yesterday, we got the transcripts and those transcripts show, there was a lot of confusion in the moments following the sinking.

The operator on the ship tells the control center that the ship was starting to sink.

The person on the ship and the control center exchanged messages that includes yelling from the person on the land.

You have to make the decision to evacuate.

At 9:24, the person on the ship says, that is not what i am talking about.

Can you rescue us if we jump?

The confusion prevented anybody on any side for making a decision to tell the passengers to jump from the boat.

In the process, which took almost half an hour, no one was able to tell the passengers to evacuate.

The ship was already sinking hopelessly.

-- helplessly.

Are we expecting an update from the president anytime today?

As we speak, the president is holding a meeting with her aides . we still have not heard updates from what she was saying, but it is very likely she will make some sort of statement about what has been going on.

It is devastating the country because there has been no progress in finding survivors since the first day.

There has been a lot of rage and criticism about the way the government handled this issue.

We are hearing reports that some officials have made insensitive comments toward the parents and the rescue workers have prevented civilian divers -- it is just an allegation, but there is a lot of rage among the parents about how the rescue

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