Ferrari’s Threats Challenge Formula One Decisions

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June 17 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Matt Miller breaks down the brewing battle between Ferrari and Formula One as the luxury automaker reportedly threatens to leave the racing circuit due to rules changes and the possibly of a stake sale to Liberty Media’s John Malone. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “In the Loop.”

Potential sale of the race to liberty global.

John malone.

Matt miller joins us with this real life m&a telenovela.

It is a fascinating story, a very soap opera-ish line.

First, you have the names alone.

The chairman of ferrari is good enough for a tele-novella.

Luca cordero di montezemolo.

Donald mckenzie, they own the majority of formula one.

John malone, the darth vader of cable from liberty media.

They are in thi together.

-- they are in this together.

John malone is a dressed down, midwest kind of guy.

He is not that -- you don't like the darth vader moniker?

He is not the personality usually want.

Ferrari is the most glorious and successful racing team in formula one history.

They had the most famous and respected drivers in the 1950's. michael schumacher, of course.

And of course, formula one is the most important racing league in the world, in the universe.

It is huge names.

Formula one is dependent on ferrari.

Lately, the chairman has been saying we do not like the way things are going.

We do not like the rules, you cannot develop your engines during the season.

They do not like fuel limitations, they are trying to make this green.

We do not like limitations on tires and brakes.

We could raise in a different leageue.

When this guy talks, formula one listens.

Why is formula one making changes?

They want to be more technologically advanced and greener, trying to play to younger fans.

Younger kids do not seem to care about cars, be they green or 12 cylinder.

Bernie ecclestone made what ferrari thinks of as a poor decision and not getting involved with social media, google and apple.

Another thing ferrari wants, they want formula one to get with it as far as the modernity of communications.

Where would ferrari go?

There star driver waved a flag at the mazda race over the weekend.

He said to a lot of reporters i am going to race endurance racing after i am done with f1. he said i have spoken to luca di montezemolo about endurance and we are looking into it.

Luca said in an interview with "the wall street journal" last week there is no way we can do both.

Formula one is in negotiations to sell.

They want as much money as they can.

They are looking at an %$8 billion valuation, there is about a $1 billion gap between they want and what malone wants to give.

In order to use this leverage, luca has called cbc and ecclestone to a meeting.

So much drama.

Matt miller, our auto expert.

You might need a drink after hearing this battle between for ari -- between ferrari and f1. jameson has a well known role model.

This is jameson, it wants to be seeing globally as a brand that is as big as jack daniels.

Expanding its distillery and hopes to double sales by 2020. it has been name checked by popular songs by the gaga and rihanna.

That is jack daniels, so beloved by frank sinatra that he was

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