Eric Holder Calls for End to Violence in Ferguson

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Aug. 20 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Toluse Olorunnipa reports on continuing protest and riots in Ferguson, Missouri. He speaks on “Bloomberg Surveillance.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Holder arrived in ferguson today.

We want to bring in our bloomberg correspondent on the ground.

Another night of violence in ferguson.

Set the scene for us here as eric holder enters the scene.

What is the level of tension?

Last night, just a few hours ago, there was another round of violent clashes.

It was not quite as violent as it has been.

Police have not used tear gas or smoke arms.

-- bombs.

They dispersed the crowd using force.

They arrested about 40 people.

Eric holder is hoping to heal the community and bring peace.

Is there any sense of who he will be meeting with her when he will be making public statements?

We are not quite sure yet.

He has been in close contact with the family.

He is ordering a separate and independent autopsy of the body of michael brown.

That is one of the things he will be talking to the family about.

Yesterday at this time we were talking about 15 or so people you cited as instigators who were rallying the crowd.

Has that minority, that faction quieted down somewhat?

There are still those elements.

We still see those elements in the crowd.

A lot of them are taunting police officers, some are throwing bottles.

They are still there.

They had less control last night than they did in previous nights.

Police showed more restraint in not using tear gas on everyone just to apprehend those individuals.

Going back to the beginning or the formation.

It has always been a federal and states rights issue over police forces.

Will attorney general holder be greeted with open arms in st.

Louis, in ferguson and within the state of missouri?

At least in terms of the rhetoric, everyone has said they are opening their arms to as many investigations as are needed.

They are opening their arms to the federal government to come in and look at what is going on.

In terms of the rhetoric, that is the official statement.

We don't necessarily know what is going on behind the scenes and whether or not eric holder will be completely welcome as the federal power coming in.

Every morning, we wake up and hear about another night of violence in ferguson.

What happens during the day?

What happens in the hours during daylight?

We have things like shopping centers that are not police command post.

-- now police command posts.

For the most part, things are calm during the day.

There is a police presence on almost every downtown corner in ferguson.

The violent elements usually come up at night.

That is why people have only been encouraged to do protesting during the day and to leave at night.

Valuable context.

Thank you so much.

Coming up in the next hour of

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