FedEx Profit Beats Estimates

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Sept. 18 (Bloomberg) -- FedEx reported first-quarter profit that beat analysts’ estimates, bolstered by demand for ground shipping and lower maintenance expenses for new planes at the world’s largest air-cargo fleet. Scarlet Fu reports on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop." (Source: Bloomberg)

One stock we are watching this morning is fedex.

The company reported earnings that beat analysts estimates.

Scarlet fu joins us now.

Could this be a sign of a turnaround?

Pre-k's it is a sign that the cost-cutting is paying off.

Operating margin slightly higher than oppenheimer's estimate.

That filter down into one dollar 53 earnings per share instead of $1.50 at consensus.

This shows how the sluggish global economy is capping revenue growth.

On the conference call about an hour ago the cfo said the company is well ahead of cost reduction goal.

When it comes to the global economy in the forecast, we are looking at a slower than anticipated outlook.

The u.s. economy will only expand 2.1%. industrial production will also be cap to 2.4% fixed any signs of how the apple iphone shipments for the holiday season will impact this ? there are reports of an online shopping frenzy.

Bloomberg business report reported boeing uses a 700 87 to ship from china to distribution centers around the world.

240,000 dollars spent on fuel.

A few will angle there.

The biggest challenge is whether this partnership with apple or other corporate customers is enough to overcome.

Announcing plans to also fix lane -- announced a lineup of original content.

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