FedEx Indicted for Illegal Pharmacy Shipments

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July 18 (Bloomberg) -- On today’s “The Roundup,” Trish Regan, Alix Steel, Matt Miller and Jeffrey Hayzlett wrap up the day’s top market stories on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

-- the chinese e-commerce giant has been targeting an early august debut because it is luck the.

We always cite solid -- always cite some him with knowledge of the matter.

My sources say -- it is different coming from the companies.

The point being if you push it back a couple of weeks, who is going to want to do that to?

There are four people trading across the world.

That is part of the issue.

Not only that -- they are missing their big opportunity.

Estimates are saying they're going to try and push down below 20% and hold the cost down so it looks like they gain momentum once they do go public.

That is what they are doing.

Didn't they want to go on august 8 because it is 88? isn't 88 super important?

What the hell?

They are waiting for the sec.

It is going to be a big one.

A very big one.

Let's talk about not as big but a pretty good payday.

They are giving up control of their media empire.

$475 million.

A person with knowledge of the matter.

They were looking for 400 million at the beginning of this process.

You could argue that is a payday.

Steve came on the show it and said we have made such inroads on the digital front.

That is a big part of how they got to that valuation.

When i read that i was depressed.

Forbes is not as big as businessweek.

You think about those kind of things and i thought it was a lot more money.

They have done a better job on the digital side.

You are seeing a lot of sponsor block content.

They shifted their model away from true journalism.

I also think this is the end of all the media families.

There are a couple more.

You have the hearst family.

The tribune, the l.a. times, the wall street journal, they have all sold out.

It's going to have their name.

Steve is actually going to hold onto a job here, too.

For a lot of people that is a drop.

He is the editor in chief.

His daughter works in the business and she is a sharp individual.

I hope she is staying in as part of that.

Fedex may need to take a closer look at its cargo.

They deliver pain pills, sedatives, anti-anxiety, and other controlled substances for a legal internet pharmacies.

The charges contain a potential fine of twice the gains.

That is kind of a hefty fee.

They did not know.

They deliver drugs to people who fill out online questionnaires who did not have any kind of medical prescription.

That is to say we cannot look in your packages.

They were delivering to abandon buildings.

I was behind fedex on this.

They cannot be responsible for each one.

When i started reading empty lots and things like that, you know something has not gone right.

There is something not right with that.

They will fight this.

They cannot be held responsible for the contents of the packages that it transports and policing customers would violate their privacy.

That makes perfect sense.

Do you have the address of the online pharmacy?

Fedex is reportedly asking the government which businesses can we not do business with?

Let us know and we will stop and appear only the government did not say anything.

I can't even get sudafed without showing a license at the local walgreens.

I want some of these addresses.

You get box seat.

That is a bonus.

Regulators have imposed regulations from virtual currencies like it's going -- like bitcoin.

It would establish a license.

Michael dell tweeting that they are going to start accepting -- great news and horrible news.

Michael dell, fantastic addition to the bitcoin community.

He retweeted -- it was retweeted about 1000 times.

It will be the biggest e-commerce company in the world to accept bitcoin.

Driving bitcoin startups out of new york, alleging innovation and technology with a giant hammer of regulation, what a horrible idea.

A lot of people say we need regulation.

That is actually going to make us legit.

Some people say that.

I thought you would be happier with this.

It does make it more legit.

The fact is being reggae nice and regulated -- being recognized and regulated -- i think it is better to trade with chickens and horses and cal's. it is the same thing.

The virtual currency will allow clients to swap dollars and euros for the fourth largest crypto payment.

A now they are opening it up to other competitors.

The problem i have is the u.s. department of financial services, with the new bits license from the dark ages, they are going to require all businesses that do interactions with users to keep your physical address, which is how are they going to get your physical address?

And they have to keep a record of all the people who send bitcoin to their wallet.

I walk in, you give me one of -- you give me whatever, you don't knew who i am and i don't

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