Federal Judge Rules NSA Phone Surveillance is Legal

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Dec. 27 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Peter Cook reports on the Federal Judge’s ruling that was much different from the ruling on December 16th. He speaks to Jon Erlichman on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg)

The program represents the government counterpunch.

Another federal judge said the exact opposite last week, ruling that the collection violated the constitution.

For the latest, let's had to peter cook in washington.

Different judge, different outcome.

That is exactly right.

You have two federal judges into different jurisdictions.

One is in new york.

The other is here in washington.

They have reached to different conclusions.

This tells you that the debate is not yet over.

This is likely heading on to the u.s. supreme court.

Judge pauley is a clinton appointee.

He handled the imclone case and a case on unpaid interns.

He is ruling in favor of the federal government.

It is a big win for their supporters in congress as well.

Peter king, the congressman, gave his reaction to this.

He says that preserves a vital weapon for the government in the war against terrorism.

He hopes that judge polly's decision will ease the adulation for edward snowden which has become so pervasive.

One judge, one outcome.

Different from what we saw in d.c. on the 16th.

To clarify for anyone who does not follow every bit of information on the story, outside of the courtroom, the obama administration has been looking to make changes.

They have looked to put their voice out on how they feel about this.

How do the stories come together?

You have a couple of different tracks.

You have the legal track that will continue up to the u.s. supreme court.

Then you have the president responding to all of the criticism and calls for change.

He told us before he left that he would announce some of his own changes in january.

He will follow-up on the recommendations of the panel.

They offered him ideas.

It is not clear that he will adopt all of their ideas, but he says the changes are coming.

You have members of congress proposing their own changes to these programs.

This is going to complicate that debate in congress.

There are strong feelings on both sides.

The nsa has gone too far here.

This ruling only complicates their efforts.

The president will be back in january.

President obama has spent time meeting with many of the tech leaders, from here in silicon valley.

We have followed how they have reacted to this.

Where does this leave them?

It leaves them, right in the middle.

That is where they have been before.

They are in legal limbo where the government is asking them to provide records.

They are not in a position to oppose that.

The big question is this idea put forth by the president panel.

What is the company's hold on to this information and not the government?

The government could ask for later.

Does that create a greater

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