Fed Tapering Next Week: No Big Deal?

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Sept. 13 (Bloomberg) -- Coutts & Co. Investment Strategist Georgios Tsapouris discusses Fed tapering and who will replace Ben Bernanke with Anna Edwards and Mark Barton on Bloomberg Television's "Countdown." (Source: Bloomberg)

Welcome back.

Investment strategist is here.

To taper or not.

That is the question.

Give us the answer.

Is that the question?

You think about the forward guidance in the u.s., threshold, 7.3% unemployment.

I do not think they will stop qe at all.

Some tapering next week.

We might get surprised.

The uncertainty is what is surprising.

10 billion.

How do markets respond.

This is what expectation is.

High yields , higher compensation.

All this uncertainty in place.

It goes against tapering this year, what will be next year.

The latest bloomberg poll, investors think it would be no big deal to see the start of tapering next week.

It was a big deal back in may.

Let's talk about the fed and the chairman.

Does it matter who you think it will be?

Who do you think it will be.

That is also very important.

I think what the market is expecting is quite different policies.

Now she is a dove.

It is all very clear and public.

The market thinks it is more link to fiscal policy and less to monetary policy.

You have fiscal expansion and growth.

If you stop buying bonds and say, no more qe whatsoever , and you have to price it into the bond session.

I do not want to make a forecast.

Most people in the market, they do not really know.

You have to get compensation.

We do not know which way it will go.

We could see a shift in the general direction of said policy.

The way to make the transition more mild, you have a loss in communication.

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