Fed Tapering Already Priced In: Hubard

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Sept. 12 (Bloomberg) -- Bill Hubard, Chief Economist at Markets.Com, discusses Federal Reserve tapering and recent dollar weakness. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's “The Pulse.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Get aggressive tapering, we are going to get a more sensitive -- more of a slowing than a tapering.

The question is going to be, the consensus seems to be 10 billion.

The key thing is, from a timeframe, mr.

Bernanke retires next year.

He will do something in september to start the process for whoever takes over.

Is the market setup for this?


Price perfectly?


So we are not going to see customer -- reaction?

It is sort of been a dull week.

The same thing next week.

We are expecting the fed to announce tapering.

The only interesting thing is what is happening with the dollar.

The dollar has gotten clobbered the last couple of days.

This is one of the things that the federal reserve has to look at.

The fed has to look at how they act or react.

You have seen the action or the reaction of the emerging market and how that has come out.

The fed really has to think.

The fed has to think about being a global central bank.

But it is not going to.


Our mandate is the united states economy.

For me, the change was for 100 years it was non-inflation.

It has only been for december of last year.

They give us a target level.

Growth, they give us a target level.

Implement, they give us a target letter -- target level.

Bill, thank you very much.

Let's talk about what we have coming up later.

Carney's testimony topping the agenda.

The other big story involves the royal mail.

The british government said it will proceed with an ipo on the postal service and it is set to take place in the coming weeks.

This will be the largest privatization since john major broke up the country's railways in the 1990's. caroline hyde joins us with the latest details.

We know that it is coming soon.

In the next few weeks, wooded report a couple of weeks ago that this would come as soon as october.

It could come sooner than that.

The postal service at last being privatized.

We don't know a size.

The government is saying that the size of the stake would be a majority.

The actual amount will be decided on demand and market conditions.

According to people familiar, it could be anything up to 3 billion pounds.

The reason they are unloading the shares is to try to inject a healthier target in terms of competitiveness.

They need to be more focused.

They want to get into the more lucrative shipping of packages.

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