Fed: Economy Rebounding Amid Trimmed QE Pace

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June 18 (Bloomberg) -- The Federal Reserve said growth is bouncing back and the job market is improving as it continued to reduce the monthly pace of asset purchases. Michael McKee reports on Bloomberg Television’s “Bottom Line.” (Source: Bloomberg)

No change in monetary policy or in the tapering.

We have a slightly better economic assessment of the statement, slightly worse forecast for growth this year.

We do have a change in the chart.

Let's go right to the forecast for the year.

They lowered gdp significantly this year.

That had to be done because of the lousy winter we had.

2.5-3% the year after.

The unemployment rate they see this year, 6.1%. in 16, 51-5 i've, as was them below the fed target for employment.

The change in placement is slightly below and the same the next two years.

To the chart, this is what everybody wants to know.

2000 and, the median of the work as of the red is to begin about and -- 2.5% area that is higher than what we saw in april.

The full employment rate is a little bit lower, from her percent.

Taking the statement, it is slightly better economic assessment.

Economic activity has rebounded in recent months.

That changed since april where it was the end it was recovering on the weather.

It dropped a weather in spirit i'm in lower him a new race, remains.

Spending is rising moderately there that is or have a weaker formulation.

Business spending, which had edged down in the statement has now resumed.

Those are the only date men -- changes to statements.

$20 billion in treasuries.

A decision, we can also tell you, that was unanimous.

Not a lot of news here.

A little stronger growth and unemployment outlook going forward.

No real change in the nation outlook or what that means for the median policy, but it might need higher rates once they raise -- michael mckee with breaking news and a check on the market reaction.

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