Fed Can't Be on `Uber-QE' Forever: Maisonneuve

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July 18 (Bloomberg) -- Virginie Maisonneuve of Schroders Investment Management talks with Manus Cranny about Federal Reserve stimulus and the global economic impact of slowing growth in China. She speaks on Bloomberg Television's "On The Move."

We cannot be doing qe for ever.

Clearly, it depends on where the economy is going.

If we do stimulus too long, we get into bubbles and an inflationary environment.

The other environment would be is -- would be if we which are too early -- withdrew too early.

When you see the imf being late with reports, they warned that china's growth is under pressure.

The regime in china is not growth at any cost will stop the fed tends to be quite insular.

It's i think about china -- i think about china in particular.

It is in transition.

We're going from a country that was at 600 per capita to 6000 per capita now will stop it is the second largest economy in the wall.

-- in the world will stop -- in the world.

Because of the size of the economy, i would say that by 2017, both would be good for the country.

We had to realize that china's share of gdp continues to grow a does not mean that that is bad for the rest of the world.

Will we want to -- what we want to see is it being incremented and more clarity in the message.

You think that is why -- it is interesting, isn't it -- the market has shrunk it off -- shrugged it off.

? ari adjusting to lowered numbers -- are we adjusting to lower numbers?

Growth is good.

Rt theme is climate change along with democracy and emerging markets.

It is important that we get growth in china.

China is the largest emitter of co2 in the world.

Is the need for reforms.

In order for china to have this next decade of growth and being a global citizen and becoming a more poor nation, as well.

These are interesting readings.

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