FCC: ISP’s Deliver 101% of Advertised Speeds

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June 18 (Bloomberg) -- U.S. Internet service providers deliver 101% of advertised download speeds during peak evening usage hours, FCC says in report issued today. Megan Hughes reports on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Report was the whole that between -- fight between ne tflix and verizon, right?

This report has been pretty consistent with what we have seen every year.

Internet service providers are meeting or beating this bead that they advertise, more than 100% of advertised download speeds, and this is during peak which -- peak usage hours.

In essence, since they started issuing this report in 2011, at that time, that number was closer to 80% of advertised speeds.

We have seen improvement.

We are expecting a debtor report on congestion -- data report on congestion to be released later on.

The biggest problem they found in this report was the lack of consistent speed.

That is a new metric they are looking at in this report.

Cablevision was one of the top performers, delivering 100% or better of advertised speeds to 80% of panelists 80% of the time during the peak times.

But half of isps delivered 90% or better, and about one third delivered 60%. sec officials say there is some work to be done when it comes to consistency.

A couple of other findings, the vast majority of isp speeds were largely unchanged.

Within 10% of last year's speed, except for qwest.

That was one of the big improve her's. winning -- it improved its bead 16%. and verizon dsl actually showed results that were worse than last year.

And that is part of a broader trend as well.

Fiber and cable technologies moving toward higher speeds and dsl is lagging.

That may be the difference in economics in upgrading dsl relative to other technologies, a higher price point to make some of those upgrade.

It may require structural plant upgrades to get to those higher speeds.

But sec officials say they expect improvement in that area as well.

Thank you so much for that update.

Obviously, some implications for

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