FBR’s Daniel Ives Is Jazzed About Microsoft

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July 23 (Bloomberg) -- FBR Capital Markets Managing Director Daniel Ives discusses his outlook for Apple and Microsoft on “In The Loop.”(Source: Bloomberg)

Tech stories on our "bloomberg west" radar.

-- there is buzz about apple and talk about the newly patented smart watch, now dubbed the eye-- itime.

Microsoft took over the mobile business last spring.

Hackers break into more than 1000 stub hub accounts.

The atlantic at agency says international fibers -- cyber thieves stole information.

Arrests are expected to be announced.

For more on tech earnings, i want to bring in daniel who specializes in the technology, media, and telecom sectors.

Which are you more just about, apple or microsoft?

I would have to say microsoft.

It was a pivotal quarter for microsoft.

Said janet dela has been the general to lead the troops.

It is a rush of fresh air.

You have called nokia and black cloud over microsoft.

Do you still feel that way?

They have almost every state-like challenges.

-- mount everest-like challenges.

You feel like they are skating to where the puck is going, but nadella feels like the right guy.

You finally feel optimistic.

We did see huge earnings in the cloud.

Cloud is a taylor strength.

It is an satya nadella's dna.

How long can the pc renaissance last?

We are talking six to nine months.

The key will be clouds.

They need to be successful in the cloud and mobile for that stock to get into the 50's. i want to short change apple.

They had a good quarter, -- i do not want to short change apple.

They had a good quarter and it was obviously be about the fourth quarter.

Iphone stocks are -- sales are strong.

The key investors are focused on is what they will, with in the second half of the year in the product cycle, the tablet sales, ipods were weaker, and that is a headwind.

That speaks to what is happening in that market in general because there is almost an arms race with microsoft, samsung, apple, among others, and investors are focused on what the prospect looks like for the second half of the year, and that is why they are seeing to the score, looking at the next 6, 9 months.

Part of the strength was sales growth in china and even the ipad in india.

At some point can they compete on growth and also price when they have the highest priced products in the country?

I think the rubber meets the road at some point.

That is a concern of investors.

Every time their back is against the wall, they continue to deliver, and right now it is about how they will be successful with new products across geographies, but with that said, if you are a tech investor, you are drinking your coffee, feeling good.

Definitely a good day for tech earnings to kick off 2q. we were talking with david kirkpatrick, and he said he would rate microsoft they growth stock and apple would be more of a value stock.

I think microsoft is being re-rated.

It is not your grandma's microsoft.

With satya nadella finally taking this company where they need to go.

Also, he does not wear the rose-colored glasses.

He made the cuts where he needs to on nokia and that is why investors are buying into microsoft's story.

He still has a non-core story.

You have the xbox and that makes you go really?

Sure, but rome was not built in a day.

It will be a multi-year process.

He is trying to change the historically bureaucratic organization and try to make it flatter.

Xbox strategically, will that make sense?

That will be a veritable.

Satya nadella will start to change microsoft.

Crazy news, microsoft more of a growth stock than apple.

Thank you, daniel ives.

Still ahead, the guest you have been waiting for, pro golfer rickie fowler is "in the loop." he will talk about the future of golf and how he is trying to change it.

That is coming up next.

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