FBI Responded to Shots at U.S. Capitol

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Oct. 3 (Bloomberg) -- U.S. Capitol police locked down the building after gunshots were heard outside, with officers telling people to “shelter in place.” Bloomberg Contributing Editor Richard Falkenrath speaks with Deirdre Bolton on Bloomberg Television's "Money Moves." (Source: Bloomberg)

Capitol police's reaction, ordering this lockdown.

What is the dynamic between the fbi right now and the capitol police?

The fbi will eventually be responsible for investigating the incident, but the immediate tactical response is the responsibility of the capitol police, and possibly d.c. metro.

The capitol police not a very large department, and they have to protect the buildings and senators.

They don't have a lot of manpower to rush out in the field and pursue an active shooter.

That would be performed by d.c. metro.

The fbi will investigate and if there is a hostage barricade situation and they were breached, it may be done with fbi personnel.

Tactical control is with capitol police or d.c. metro at this time.

The capitol police, because of the government shutdown, are not being paid right now.

That's right.

They're not thinking about that at the moment.

It's too early to speculate about what could have motivated this person.

Not too far from the capitol, there is a part of washington, d.c. with relatively high crime rates.

There have been disgruntled workers recently in washington at the navy yard.

It could be just about anything.

As far as working with the fbi, i heard you say it is up to them to investigate after the fact but they are playing a role now.

How tricky is it not to be stepping on each other's toes?

It is very tricky, particularly for planes -- plane-clothes officers.

They typically don't have the full tactical vests and helmets you will see on uniform personnel.

It is unlikely an fbi agent will be engaged in the shootout.

That's not really their role.

It is important to note that all of them are trained to engage the threat.

Whoever it is, if it was a d.c. metro cap -- cop who witnessed the actual threat, their training is to go after them and resolve it immediately and not to wait and not to negotiate.

That is standard training in u.s. law enforcement.

Stay with us, if you don't mind.

Richard falkenrath still with us on the phone.

Richard worked in the bush administration, was head of counterterrorism here in new york city.

20 of experience with these types of situations.

-- plan to have experience with these types of situations.

The u.s. capitol locked down.

We do not have details on whether the shooter is acting alone or as part of a group during.

You do have the u.s. capitol police locking down the building.

These shots were reported having been fired about 15 minutes ago.

As you said, if you are working for the government, every single government worker is trying to figure out the same thing we're trying to figure out in the media, which is getting the facts straight and figuring out what could be the motivation and finding the alleged shooter.

That's right.

And making sure people are safe right now.

Immediate life safety is the highest priority.

They will need to reflect on whether the person really is alone.

A nightmare scenario is mull -- multiple shooters acting in a coordinated way.

There's no evidence that is the case.

Extremely rare.

They will have an abundance of caution and investigate all suspicious reports before they give the all clear for this very sensitive facility.

Hold the thought, if you don't mind.

I want to bring in bob rice.

Regarded talk about something altogether different.

-- we are going to talk about something altogether different.

One of the aspects of uncertainty that investors have to deal with -- we have had many shootings in the past two years -- s&p not moving very much off its mark.

One more thing that an investor has to be prepared for.

If there is any sort of hit there is more than one shooter or the shooters or active -- are active, you will see a different response from the were marketplace -- marketplace.

Megan hughes is standing by.

Megan it seems there is been an important development.


Capitol police saying a shooter is in custody.

That is the latest headline with got right now.

Capitol police, a shooter in custody.

No word on whether the lock down has been lifted, whether or not it will be lifted evidently.

-- imminently.

To run through the headlines and the order of events as we know them right now, nancy pelosi saying earlier that shots were fired outside the u.s. capitol.

We learned the u.s. capitol is in lockdown.

The fbi responded as well as capitol police.

Capitol police recently saying that a suspect is in custody.

Thank you very much.

Richard still on the phone with us.

It does seem, according to this report, that the shooter is in custody.

What does this mean as far as the next steps go?

I wouldn't be surprised if it were the case that these incidents move quickly.

It's important to remember that we're talking about shots fired.

It's possible that some of those shots were fired by law enforcement personnel.

We recently had a case in new york city where there was potentially an assassination by the empire state building, and all the shots fired after that were followed by the nypd.

It sounded to bystanders like a continuing shootout.

If it is the case the threat has been resolved and they don't have reason to believe there are other shooters engaged, they're going to try to piece together what this person did, how on why they did it, is anyone else involved, were there other accomplices.

They will set up a command post.

They will have a transfer of investigative jurisdiction in a few hours to the fbi to handle it.

If the incident is over, it will become another law enforcement investigation.

Thank you.

Hold the line, if you don't mind.

I want to get you back to d.c. peter cook is standing by.

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