FBI Investigates CME Breach

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Nov. 18 (Bloomberg) -- The FBI confirmed involvement with the CME breach investigation reawakening the threat to financial firms. Su Keenan reports on Bloomberg Television’s “Money Moves”. (Source: Bloomberg)

Involvement in this latest attack.

The cme says it was routed through hong kong, targeting the world's largest futures market.

The cme group revealed last week that it is clear -- it's clearing system was breached and customer information was compromised.

While there is no evidence that electronic trading transactions were impacted directly, all financial services and markets are a target.

Outline the dangers for us.

Experts say it is the likelihood of continued attacks that can result in a large destruction.

In june a dozen financial firms, including citigroup and j.p. morgan chase -- eight people were charged.

Last year a for -- a hacker threatens to erase the new york stock exchange from the internet for a day.

As for cme, it says it has artie put changes in place to protect its clients.

The cftc is assisting in this latest probe.

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