Ken Feinberg: Who Gets Paid What by GM

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July 11 (Bloomberg) -- GM Ignition Compensation Fund Administrator Kenneth Feinberg discusses the program to compensate victims of accidents in cars with faulty ignition switches. He speaks on “In The Loop.” (Source: Bloomberg)

You and failed the -- unveiled the plan.

The feedback is as you would expect.

Cautious optimism.

He will wait and see.

It sounds pretty good.

Until the money starts to flow to alice will claimants, injured and killed, i think everybody is waiting to see.

That is appropriate.


During the press conference when you are unveiling the details, some of the victims were there.

You spoke to some of them.

They said but i would expect them to say.

Money will never bring back a lost love one.

It is a poor substitute for loss.

Please be generous.

Please help these people who are in terrible shape.

The injured or loft -- lost loved ones.

We are counting on you to do the right thing.


Do you say in response about i try to have a thighs.

You're right.

Money is the substitute.

It is the american system.

I will do my best.

It is one less thing that somebody will have to worry about if they have financial stability.

It is emotionally a very difficult.

You have to relate as best you can.

You have had to put yourself in many people's shoes.

You try and empathize.

You just know they are suffering and you can't get angry or distraught.

You can't get emotional about it.

You have to try and do the job the best you can.

You are excepting -- accepting claims on august 1. what is been most surprising as you look at how to compensate these victims?

The most surprising thing is general support.

Lawyers, claimants, family members, elected officials, cautious optimism.

The other problem we will run into is some of these accidents the place over a decade ago.

The car is long gone.

There are no pictures.

Do we have photos?

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