Fast Retailing May Buy J. Crew: Reports

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Mar. 3 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Mia Saini reports on Asia’s biggest clothing retailer stepping up their push into the U.S. market by potentially acquiring J. Crew. She speaks to Angie Lau on Bloomberg Television’s “First Up.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Shall we?

They could get a new owner.

The japanese owner of uniglow may step in.

They are stepping in as well as other rants under the parent company.

It could be worth as much as $5 billion.

The number one goal is to expand and be the world number one loading retailer.

They are hoping that ice cube being the company known for the scoop tease and cardigan cashmere sweaters --on the j. crew site, that preppy cardigan, it those colors are huge have a huge following in the following.

This is whether it is a sweater or a t-shirt.

Companies are hoping that by getting michelle on board by having her big one of the fans the next inning the president in the united states they will get to be that goal.

They want to compete with the likes of h&m. they will be entering into australia and germany later on this year.

In the u.s. the injured back in 2005. they had that in soho and new york.

The company really looking to hope this partnership will result in both of the companies really growing.

J. crew is privately owned.

It is owned by the capital as well as leonard rain.

And the ceo who had turned around this.

There was talk that j. crew was thinking about an ipo.

There was more of a partnership.

They are looking to expand.

Perhaps this is not the one time.

It is the first time it has been in the headlines.

You usually get asked that quite frequently.

Reuters has expressed interest.

They are not commenting on this partnership.

For now it seems we are giving you the information based on the details provided to us.

This could be a deal.

The company prices itself below

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