Fast Food Worker Strikes Seek $15 Per Hour Wage

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Aug. 29 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Duane Stanford discusses today's planned strikes by fast food workers in 50 U.S. cities as they demand wages of $15 per hour and looks at the potential impact of a hike in the minimum wage. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop."

You have been taking a look at potash prices.

I am taking a look at the mosaic chart and just look at the steep decline we see in the chart.

It tells the entire story.

Potash rices could fall below $300 per ton from where they're trading now after one of the biggest producers in the world opted out of one of the two joint ventures that regulate potash prices.

Another downside specific to mosaic is bhp was going to make it good for the company but will now develop its own potash products.

We looked at the whole industry when the group got hit about two weeks ago and we think it is over done.

We thank the rogue person that was going to talk about cutting prices, the ceo was arrested.

We think the stocks can rally.

Longer-term, i don't have an opinion on this industry.

Great to see you.

Coming up, you may have problems finding someone to ask you -- thousands of fast food workers are expected to walk out today.

They have walked out and are walking out.

That is our neighborhood mcdonald's around the corner.

Don't see any protesters outside the that could change throughout the day.

We will be back with more in a moment.

? here is a look at the top tech stories.

Sony has a hit product on its hands that you may be buying from apple or samsung.

It is not a playstation, it is an imaging chip found in almost every high-end camera with faster sensors and takes sharper images.

The revenue is rising.

Amazon is winning a new game -- the world may not be big enough for amazon and other service.

The amazon cloud computing services allow companies to run their own service systems.

Makers of other server systems are being squeezed out of the market.

Another market that amazon is dominating.

Talk about stealing market share, the vodafone potential still of its stake in verizon for 130 billion dollars will be the biggest deal the carrier has seen in more than a decade.

News of the sale has already added more than $13 billion to the vodafone market value and sources say the announcement could come as early as september 2. catch the latest in tech and media every weekday at 1:00 and 3:00 p.m. eastern time on " bloomberg west." workers across the country are going to walk off the job at fast foods to lobby for higher wages.

I caught up recently with the ceo don thompson of mac donald's about issue last month.

I think we have legislators and many people that will determine whether or not minimum wage should be raised and if women don't wages raise, we have been and above minimum wage employeer.

Whatever legislation comes, our franchisees come our system will abide by any of those legislations.

We are about providing opportunity.

For more on the strike, i am joined bywayne stamford.

Dwayne, that is not good enough for these workers.

Yes, these workers are taking protest that they started last year and expanding them to cities like boston and san diego.

They want to raise attention to the fact that they believe the wages should be increased so they can make more of a living wage.

They are talking about going from $7.25, around $15,000 a year, to doubling that.

To some, that might seem low but to these workers, they feel it would really help them make ends meet.

It would certainly be a much bigger boost for them.

Let me play for you one comment , one person who opposes raising the minimum wage which is the mississippi governor phil bryant.

This is what he said would be the impact of raising the minimum wage.

It will drive up unemployment.

What employers will say that i cannot expand, i cannot take the chance of borrowing the money and expanding my industry to

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