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March 19 (Bloomberg) -- Burger King is introducing an application that will allow customers to pay for Whoppers with their smartphones as it races rivals to woo younger diners. Alix Steel reports on Bloomberg Television's “In The Loop.” (Source: Bloomberg)

The idea is -- will it bring in new customers?

The overall feeling was yes.

A lot of people 18 to 35, they are the target audience.

They said 19% of consumers had recently use their phone to make a restaurant pickup or delivery back in 2012. that number is only getting bigger.

The issue here is that if you do not do it now, when will you do it?

They said that this will be the industry standard in one or two years.

If you don't do it, you will be totally irrelevant.

What about burger king?

Burger king in particular it will be rolled out in april.

You can download the app on your wallet.

One dollar drinks, free fries, the upgrades down the road would be to sort of think about coupons and loyalty things.

You could order food ahead of time and pick it up later.


It is fast food?

You have to get faster.

The more menu items you have, the slower you get.

You want to be in and out in 30 seconds.

The wallet itself, is that outsourced through another company?

It is an actual app.

Like a virtual credit card in that way.

You can load money onto it, only usable at burger king.

The idea is that if you go to every store for coupons, you will get annoyed, right?

You have seen this throughout all the companies.

Dunkin' donuts just added a rewards program to its domestic stores.

Mcdonald's has coupons and mobile apps across the board.

Starbucks is the one that really has the gold standard, primarily because the company that owned that franchise and operated it can do whatever they want across all the platforms.

That's part of the trick, right?

Getting your franchisees to do what you tell you -- do would you tell them.


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