Fashion Week: the Names, the Money

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Sept. 13 (Bloomberg) -- Tatler Magazine Style Editor Sophie Goodwin discusses the business of Fashion Week with Anna Edwards and Mark Barton on Bloomberg Television's "Countdown." (Source: Bloomberg)

The most followed with 44 million.

I know you are a fan of lady gaga -- lady gaga, number three.

Vivian west hit the runway this weekend.

For more, we are joined by sophie.

Good morning.

We will get a look back before we look ahead to the london fashion week.

You have been looking around and three labels stood out.

Let's chat about these three.

It is -- it is something that is serene and they channel that and produced these beautiful collections.

Clean, but they always seem to and -- to manage simplicity, as well.

I like your notes.

It had the amazing ability to reinvent -- reinvent herself.

I have quite an affection with her.

I think she has a great capacity to deliver what her customers want to buy but also tap into what fashion types want to see as well.

There has been a gradual shift away from body conscious close to more managed tailoring.

I think she has really hit on that.

She separates herself from her collection.

It is cool.

Take us through the numbers and give us a flavor of how significant the new york fashion week is and how big a deal it has become?

It is staggering.

$85 million.

Within that, then you sales, ticket sales.

You cannot underestimate the impact of fashion globally.

London, new york, the land -- for me, i am impressed with london.

The names coming back have made -- has made such an impact for us.

In terms of the fashion week that was typically overlooked for powers -- paris and new york, for glamour, i think we are really on the rise for creativity and what we put into it.

We see a real impetus on the impact of social media.

There will be social media wars.

There is a way for people not in fashion to be involved in fashion week.

Upload pictures of themselves.

With burberry, they are teaming up with iphone five.

Does the brand get overlooked?

Is the clothing secondary?

It might seem that way.

They have a buzz and are so in tune.

They lead the forefront of social media the way no other british -- does.

What they need to do to be at the head.

The others to watch out for, a canadian born british designer.

Why do you like him?

Even when london fashion show was not as slick, he was always an artist and produces beautiful clothes that are so well finished.

How many shows will we see echo the big question of the week.

Every single one.

Do you sympathize?

She is great.

Great frost.

She has got a smashing personality.

What is your favorite fashion week story, one that is arable.

Give us a favorite nugget from fashion week over the years.

My favorite is last year.

One designer at a party actually, it was on two separate levels.

Someone actually fell and had too much booze.

Were they ok?

They were fine.

There will be pop-up bars springing up over london.

It strikes me if they are made of ricks and mortar, they have probably been there too long.

I have been reading about boris associated with fashion week.

You are not cool if you do

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