Should Jay Cutler Be on Your Fantasy Football Team?

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Sept. 4 (Bloomberg) -- Ken Fuchs, head of Yahoo Sports and Finance, discusses the start of fantasy football season and the impact it may have on productivity. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's “Bloomberg Surveillance.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Commissioners and owners and players about the money behind the game.

How have you guys been preparing for what is arguably the biggest day of your your?

-- your year?

I gave you that image.

It's yours forever.

You will see a massive productivity drop over the next few weeks.

There goes productivity.

We are incredibly excited.

It opens the door for friends to reconnect.

We love this time of year.

We see millions of people to lay fantasy football.

-- play fantasy football.

There is a lot of traditions behind it.

Among the fantasy league sport by sport, we are using the biggest growth -- where are you seeing the biggest growth?

Football is the dominant sport in fantasy.

That continues to be strong -- a strong growth.

We broke our own record again this year.

You continue to see that our.

It is testament to what the nfl has done with a wide-open offenses and audit changes in the fantasy experience itself.

We see growth in lots of other sports.

Nba and major league baseball.

Big growth on march madness this year.

Overall as an industry, you see consistent growth across the board as people engage with these products.

You get a lot of numbers out there.

You can slice and dice them anyway.

What surprises you most?

In terms of user analytics?

The thing that surprised me most is just the passionate engagement around it.

People spent $29 billion play fantasy sports -- playing fantasy sports on yahoo!. -- 29 billion minutes playing fantasy sports on yahoo!

Are using the growth of the daily fantasy games?

His fantasy getting more segmented?

I know those businesses really well.

They have smart leaders.

They're trying to figure out how to transition to a mass audience.

They are still fairly small.

We have 16 million of the 41 million total fantasy players in the u.s. on yahoo!

How do they transition to that fan that is about hanging out with their friends?

It's as much a social experience as it is a winning experience.

Who is your sleeper this year?

The trade deadline is noon today.

Maybe not a sleeper.

I think jay cutler as a quarterback.

He is a backup for most people.

His offense of line a solid.

This is a year he could really break out.

-- offensive line is solid.

Time for our tour the question of the day.

-- our twitter question of the

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