Facebook, Zuckerberg to Sell Shares Worth $3.9B

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Dec. 19 (Bloomberg) –- On today’s “The Roundup,” Matt Miller, Julie Hyman, Adam Johnson and Trish Regan wrap up the day’s top market stories on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Maybe it could be delivered with a drone.

Adam, what do you have?

After a 100% rally in 2013, some of facebook's insiders are selling.

Mark zuckerberg is selling more than 41 million shares.

He is trying to pay taxes after exercising some stock options.

Mark andreessen also selling and facebook is selling about 27 million shares.

It could bring in three point 9 billion, based on yesterday's price.

It was down about $.50 and this comes a day before facebook is joining the s&p 500. $3.9 billion sounds like a lot but that is less than three percent of the market cap of the stock.

Impressive it was only down $.50 today on the news.

This is kind of smart timing because when it joins the s&p, the people who have mutual funds have to buy facebook stock.

That could offset any of the effect you see from more shares coming to market.

Good thinking.

You should see if they are hiring a treasurer.


Even though it is only three percent, it is a lot.

And four zuckerberg, 41 million shares, that has to be just shy of $2 billion.

I know he is going to pay taxes on a lot of it but -- mario making the point earlier, the company is making a lot of money.

You are watching surveillance this morning?

So was i. he was guessing.

Roughly 1000 shares.

I have a story about another big man, barry diller.

Turning its match dating services into a separate business, setting the stage for a spinoff.

The new venture will include match.com as well as tutor.com, which is a legislation of thing.

It has -- which is an educational thing.

It has done this before.

Hsn, for mainly known as home shopping network -- formerly known as home shopping network here at match.com, who has been on it?

Mib only person?

--aam i -- am i the only person?

I think i still have a profile on it.

I had a lot more hair.

Was this a sincere matchup?

I recall them being semi- pleasant dinners.

Matches a hookup side.

-- match is a hookup site.

This was a long time ago.

I forget.

It has all of these disparate properties.

It makes sense he is trying to, i mean, first to put them all together and then you try to figure out what makes sense.

Yes, spin it out.

You have match.com, people get married and have kids and they use tutor.com.

Is that the idea?

First they use daily burn to get in shape and then they have kids and then tutor.com -- and then they start to buy on hsn and qvc.

And then they go to eat at red lobster.

Here we go.

The casual dining industry has been shuttling and now it has claimed a casualty, red lobster.

It plans to spin off or maybe sell.

It has not decided.

Part of its plan is to boost shareholder value.

Red lobster has 705 restaurants in the u.s. and canada.

Annual sales of 2.6 billion dollars.

He also announced it is going to suspend openings of new all of gardens -- olive gardens for the foreseeable future.

People are sort of skeptical of the strategy.

You look at the existing business, the business that remains, the specialty group which has crap the grill and you try to figure -- which has capital grille.

You try to figure out how to evaluate this.

Some people have been pushing for this change.

Separating all of garden and a red lobster into 1 -- olive garden and red lobster into one.

That would make sense.

Used for the specialty -- you put the specialty.

And the fast growing.

Olive garden has the biggest portions i have seen never in my life.

That is why i have to join dailyburn.com.

And wiring have been down five quarters in a row.

And you have shrimp inflation.

People take advantage of that.

And the user live lobsters.

Did you -- and they use live lobsters.

Did you know that?

They kill them right there.

That is what happens in a restaurant, my man.

This year, people came to gamble.

The big apple is the hottest tourist attraction, a casino in queens.

It attracted more visitors than the empire state building, the statue of liberty, the metropolitan museum, this is according to wnyc.

The 35,000 people trying their luck every day.

World results -- resorts has been a moneymaker for a lot of people.

Trying their luck.

Guess what, they are going to be unlucky.

I'm guessing it is not just taurus.

-- tourists.

In other words, not necessarily unique visits her day.

You come back a couple of times.

You're going to be double counted.

Trish, what do you think?

I want to hear your opinion.

Personal opinion.

I think that is what excites you, that is what fun, you should be able to go and gamble your money just as you would in bitcoin.

Libertarian side of me agrees with you but i see is as a tax on the poor and stupid.

Because it is.

If you look at the numbers, it is.

The poor go there to lose money.

They're going there for entertainment.

They interviewed some people him the casino and they spoke to a nurse who had lost $400. ambling and she is now a regular.

So it does tend to -- gambling -- she is a regular.

So it does tend to take their money.

You might otherwise say i'm going to buy a lot of lottery tickets.

Go to an underprivileged region of the united states and walk into any lottery.

It is very sad.

You will see lines.

You are going to spend it one way or the other.

People like the idea of promise.

You put down a couple of bucks and you may walk away with $2 million.

Or you play a few hands of blackjack and you might walk off with a lot of money.

It is a game of chance and it is entertaining in the process.

The house always wins.

Not always.

I have a documentary, you guys will meet a guy -- is it called the audacity of hope?

Who walked away with $15 million going back to.

-- $50 million playing blackjack.

Let's find out how he did it.

He did not cheat.

It is a great story.

He is a very intelligent guy.

He figured out how to play the game.

So every year thousands of redditors participate in a gift exchange.

One lucky 24-year-old discovered her secret santa was none other than mr.

Bill gates.

So what did he get her?

A cow.

A cow.

A stuff cow, meant to represent the real cow he donated in her name.

This is a charity that donates livestock to poor families.

Her response was that she wrote a blog post that said "sorry for the ipad on my wish list.

That was really awkward." that is classic.

If she had asked for a surface,

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