Facebook Turns to Apps for Next Mobile Money Maker

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April 30 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Jon Erlichman reports on Facebook’s success in generating mobile ad revenue as the company tries to lure app developers to their platform over Apple and Google on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.”

Public, making the movement and making the doubt -- the dough.

A lot of it is coming when you are using facebook on your phone.

Half of facebook's avenue now is coming from mobile products.

They often have success when you're using facebook nec anachronistic a trying to get you to download a different app from the app developers are working on.

Here is the problem and it is a good one for facebook here they do not want to make it too cluttered on facebook so they will make a pitch likely today for some of these developers to say, let's handle that for you.

It is generating more ad revenue per at for us.

Maybe we can make more for your us.

We can all laugh on the way to the bank together.

That is possibly the pitch we can make today.

But john, mark zuckerberg come about him trying to get app developers to facebook over apple and google.

What is his strategy?

If you think about it, if you are developing a nap and a lot of people are focusing on that, you think, i've got to make this available for iphones or ipads.

And for android devices.

In the mobile world, sometimes facebook is not necessarily a priority.

One of the things they did is they went out to the company that will be a key focus of what they're discussing today and they can say to developers, we can help you develop your app, some of the backend stuff, and then we can market your app to more than a billion people on facebook.

That is part of the pitch they will certainly make in the mobile world.

What about facing competition from the likes of twitter?

We know the twitter report results -- facebook, google, twitter are all competing.

We're all getting to the bad network business is a sign of that.

Keeping people engaged seems to be the big priority.

We saw that in reaction to result last night.

Qwest thank you.

Jon erlichman.

We are just a few minutes from the opening bell and we have the top 10 trades you do not want to miss.

Keep it here.

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