Facebook, the $100B Company...Again

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Aug. 26 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Jon Erlichman examines what's fueling Facebook on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

Highest price today, more than $41 apiece.

Their market cap is once again over the $100 billion mark.

For more on what is driving facebook shares, i want to get to jon erlichman in los angeles.

Is this all about mobile and mobile advertising?

A lot of it has to do with that.

If you go back a month ago, that's when facebook reported its most recent quarterly results.

And that's when the momentum started.

The idea that the advertising story at facebook is not slowing down and just as importantly, as facebook users go to new platforms, whether it is smartphones or tablets, the dollars are following in a big way.

Facebook has some control over that process, but people get excited about this idea about 40% of their revenue coming from mobile.

They also seem excited about the possibility of what could be coming next.

It is more of an intangible -- the idea of instagram's success where there's not any advertising right now as a potential future platform, i think it gives the one-two punch to the view on facebook and where it is going.

Just the fact they are generating the kind of advertising growth and -- heading into the ipo seems to be driving the stock right now.

These story we hear sheryl sandberg -- she played a major role in growing the ad platform and mark zuckerberg was less excited about ads for a long time because he did not wanted to hurt the product.

How has mark zuckerberg possible in terms of advertising changed westmark has he become more accepting of that elite?


We talked about after the show how mark zuckerberg went to the advertising team and was open to a lot of ideas and gave the green mart -- gave the greenlight light to a lot of those ideas to try.

We've seen a lot of different examples of at innovations by facebook in the past 12 months.

I would say that if the advertising business is clicking, it does raise the question of is facebook still a cool place to be or is he getting saddled with that?

The one thing zuckerberg is sensitive to is that very point.

The cool factor that comes with a spoke.

That's one of the reasons why on the most recent earnings call, he highlighted there are still plenty of teens enjoying in using facebook.

There is lots of competition out there for the younger audience, but he says we are not seeing

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