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Aug. 28 (Bloomberg) -- Triggit Co-Founder Zach Coelius comments on Facebook's mobile ad market share growth. He speaks with Cory Johnson on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

See who gets it and who doesn't. great stuff, doug mcmillan, thank you very much.

How is facebook's mobile ad strategy working in the real world?

Zack is joining us.

What's going on in this business?

Because it's really interesting the way -- we spend so much time looking at the facebook ipo and their admissions of inaptitude and now they're killing it.

What's going on?

It's early days for mobile.

Facebook is continuing to spread its wings in terms of mobile as an ap and advertising platform.

The advances they're making are going to be leaps and bounds over the coming year s because there is just so far for them to go.

What do they figure out?

They're not a lot smarter this year than they were two years ago.

What do they figure out?

I don't know if that's necessarily true.

I think they're learning about what works and what doesn't and mobile advertising in particular, the user's attention is riveted to their phone and ads are useful for the user.

It's a ha rd problem.

I know you do analysis of ads but who are your customers?

We work for big large advertisers, booking.com, orbits, expedia, travelosity.

What do you help them do?

We help them find use who are interested in products and show them ads and track them all the way through the end.

They hire you even though you wear that t-shirt?

I have worn a red t-shirt every day for eight years.

What is the chief learning that makes mobile different?

There's some obvious things but i wonder what are some of the best practices that are starting it emerge?

Usefulness to the user.

When you show an ad that is n ot useful like for hugse hug hugi es diapers it's not useful.

It's useful in engaging and both parties win and facebook is learning how to match them really well.

Is facebook able to use their enormous trove of personal information?

Are they truly tailoring ads and is that giving them in a position to get higher rates because it's more targeted?

When you go to google and type in the white box they take that data and show you ads what it knows about you.

Facebook does the s ame thing.

Are they really doing that?

You would think if that were the case they should be getting 2 or 3 or 4 times more per ad than other sites?

It's early for facebook.

It takes time for them to ramp up.

They're so huge -- i remember having thes e conversations with tim when he was c eo of yahoo how targeted advertising can b e so much more value.

I think yahoo was very different.

Facebook started at a fraction and can only go up.

During the commercial break i was complaining about the phrase social network because there are many, because is it in fact possible that facebook is already giving a le ad -- obviously doing is a much bigger market -- but faceb ook is getting a lead no one else can touch.

They're in a very powerful place.

I would not bet against them.

He have up to go from here.

It's early days for a lot of that.

What about twitter?

Because it's the same kind of thing.

Targeted people are showing interest and advertising medium it's largely -- twitter is different.

Facebook is where i go to engage my wife, my family and everyone i know.

Twitter is where i go to find out what's hap pening right now.

They solve different problems for people and -- from the back end they're looking at it from the same way.

Can't they say, we're learning about the user, marketer and we can get to this person.


I think that's the world that marketers will be faced with.

You can't go to nbc and buy the superbowl.

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