Facebook vs. Google War Seen in WhatsApp Buy

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Feb. 20 (Bloomberg) -- Delivery.com CEO Jed Kleckner weighs in on Facebook's acquisition of WhatsApp on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg Surveillance." (Source: Bloomberg)

Mobile phone changes everything.

Your perspective on whatsapp?

Have any of you, if you could recall a company called icq.


It was required by aol, aol had instant messenger.

I am a user of whatsapp.

Facebook already has a standing product.

When you look at what a wild is the messenger -- at what aol instant messenger and icq is, nobody knows.

You think there is still a mystery, 72% daily use, this has the same doubts?

I am an optimist when it comes to technology.

I question what this will become over time.

How do you see people coming back, we have seen from the likes of twitter, easy come, easy go.

What is the key to success?

You have to figure out if whatsapp will create greater loyalty to the facebook platform.

Do they have a platform people want to use, they have to buy things to get people to use it?

Instagram was eating its lunch and photo sharing, are they defensive or moves they have to make because they cannot build themselves?

Is this mark zuckerberg saying i want to own everything having to do with instant messaging?

It is starting to look like the wars between aol and microsoft, google and facebook.

Who is left standing a year from now?

I think facebook and google will continue to innovate.

The question is who will own the customer for what they do.

In the case of google, search, facebook, it is social.

How is this going to wind up changing?

Whatsapp says it is going to stay loyal to its brand, 99 cents and you get free texting no matter where you are in the world.

How does that change is facebook needs to monetize this, they are shelling out a lot of money.

A good question, i use the free version to contact friends when i am abroad and to stay in touch in the u.s. outside of that, i do not see the use case.

I am maybe not the target customer.

Will that target customers stay loyal when it is bought by a bigger company?

To go back to the shock and awe of $19 billion last evening.

I get great positive comments to benedict evans.

Is this 1999 redux?

If you look at the acquisition of aol by icq and aol today, aol acquired time warner in 2001. that was the beginning of the end.

After that, -- what you are really saying is technology is changing so fast that a seven-year year discounted cash flow model with light does not work.

-- a seven year discounted cash flow model does not work.

The question is how do they monetize.

Does that make you nervous?

They are trying to monetize content, we are a commerce based platform.

Commerce as a way to build the business.

Look at amazon.

What does this mean for twitter?

The valuation for whatsapp is less than half of twitter.

Twitter has to turn their business into a transactional platform, look at yelp.

They take users coming to their site to read reviews entering them into b -- and turning them into buyers.

Facebook has to turn like into want into need into buy.

I think it is fascinating,

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