Facebook Sees Mobile Ad Market Share Rise

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Aug. 28 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Doug MacMillan reports on the latest developments in Facebook's fight in the mobile ad battle. He speaks with Cory Johnson on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

Come as facebook shares rose again, 68% in the last three months because the mobile business is working for them.

Doug mcmillan joins me now.

These numbers seem to indicate an impo rtant trend here.

Yeah, they seem to bear out some of the things that people are talking about over the past year.

One that mobile ad sales are starting to cut into desktop ad sales and facebook is making gains really qu ickly.

They went public a little more than a year ago and soon after started getting beat up by wall street analysts and investors over their lack of mobile modernization.

They've double downed on the effort and mark zuckerberg has said that this is a mobile first company and now we're starting to see the realization of the efforts.

They're starting to cut into the pie and steak out an enviable position in mobile ads which is huge.

This is the most impressive.

This market is growing by leaps and bounds.

Do we have a sense of that?


Really when you look at who is growing, google kept about an even share from year to year from 2012 to 2013. facebook gained ten% of the market.

How do they do that?

As posed to google who is getting mobile searches, facebook is insraeuting and coming up with new mobile ad forms which is putting them in your news feed.

You're seeing this copy by a number of other companies including twitter.

It will be interesting to see if google can continue to compete with facebook by maybe coming up with innovations on its own.

What's its effect on desk as an art mobile?

They're taking a hit.

The growth is falling.

Everybody is focused on mobile right now.

I think investors sort of caught on to the trend when facebook went public and advertisers are starting to realize all the eyeballs are going to mobile.

Yeah, desktop ad sales are closing down.

It's w orrisome for business which is dependant upon advertising because mobile ad rates are less than desktop ad rates which are less than print ad rates.

Seems like we're moving to a world where there's more advertising but of less value to the advertiser.

It is, but we'll to have see how people come up with new solutions in mobile.

Obviously you can't just stick a graphic rectangle banner advertisement on mobile phones.

You have come up with something new that people engage with when people hold it in their hands.

There is a lot of pot ential there.

People are constantly looking at them all day and tells them

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