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June 11 (Bloomberg) -- Oculus VR CEO Brendan Iribe discusses the future of virtual reality and gaming at the E3 Electronic Entertainment Expo on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Couple of years, people got a little taste of what it could be , but how far have things come?

This has been an incredible ride.

This is one of those journeys we have been lucky enough to participate in.

The community is a big part of this.

Everyone got behind it.

Launching on kick starter, crowd funding, that was something you just could not do in the past.

We took advantage of the internet and technology today and got the shotgun out there overnight.

It was somewhat overnight.

Within 24 hours to 48 hours over $1 million in pledges had come in.

The company was off to the races.

It has been an awesome ride since.

Some people still fascinated by the interest of facebook and oculus.

You had been swapping messages with mark zuckerberg.

You got him to come to headquarters and he tried out the technology?

He said he wanted to help.

When he wants to help, obviously he is an debt power -- he is a powerful guy and a smart guy.

Luckily we came together.

We all got together and mark zuckerberg just share the same vision.

He wanted to see vr in the hands of as many as possible.

That's something we started the company on, the foundation of oculus was how to get vr into as many homes and living rooms, hands and eyes, as possible.

You just said to me that you got up to facebook headquarters for the first time since the deal was recently announced?

It was a pretty wild way to do a deal.

Definitely the best experience i have had.

This is my third company and getting acquired, they did deal on a handshake to the assigning of the agreement within a week.

It was within about four days or so.

We did not sleep much, we kind of camp out at hq.

It is interesting to go back and have the memory of the all miter is, but it was incredibly fun and it showed the passion.

We are at it a gaming event.

You have a gaming background.

Certainly oculus has strong ties to the future of gaming, but in your position of what it could be as part of facebook, you talk a lot about communication.

The evolution of things like face time and skype.

How are you balancing the time, energy, and focus of the oculus team?

It is growing quickly.

50% focused on gaming?

50% on everything else?

Even a bloomberg er thinking about the future of this technology.

We are really game developers at heart.

The team was largely based on game development power.

We have the guys that brought us quake, 3-d graphics, they held a pioneer 3-d in the beginning, they are back together.

We have a lot of the big names in the industry, kind of these legendary engineers and hot talents coming together.

We are really focused on the game market.

A lot of people think it will go into communications and these other areas and now oculus as part of facebook and they will not be focusing on gaming as much, and that is not true.

Gaming is our top priority.

The foundation of vr is focused on a game engine, a 3-d steam that you have to render at a high frame rate, which is what games do best.

Back to that point, sony has its own technology they are focusing on here.

Have you tried it?

I have not yet, but i am hoping to at the show.

We have been super busy.

A lot of the guys at the show have had a chance to try it.

We have had positive feedback and are happy to see big companies getting into vr.

It just validates that the whole industry is going to be a big heal very fast.

Will they be a competitor?

We don't look at them as a competitor.

I would say we have a closer relationship to sony than any other company, with them being in the vr space also and us all kind of evangelizing and trying to create the industry together.

They are a company that is very focused on their console.

We are a company that is very focused on vr.

The unique side of oculus is that we are now well over 100 people.

Some of the smartest, best engineers in the industry joining with a single focus, vr.

Core technology, core platform.

We just announce jason reubens, who brought us a lot of those great console games in the early days, we are going to be developing our own first party games.

Before we go right now we think of that had set experience.

Give us the timeline, the timeframe of being able to pull that.

As you told us before, sunglasses, experiencing this technology, what is the pricing?

Is this something facebook to be giving away two users?

Tell us what is going to happen over the next several years.

We don't completely know.

We don't have a crystal ball or anything.

It has mood a lot faster than anyone thought it would.

We got into it with duct tape and hot glue and in less than two years we have the second developer kit getting really close to that consumer experience internally.

We do have the consumer prototype that is now significantly less weight.

It weighs almost nothing.

You barely feel it on your head.

You can look around.

That was a egg challenge.

It has a lot of core technology in it is very comfortable.

I think we have had 400, 500 people in.

A handful of people have complained about disorientation -- the elephant in the room of motion sickness is behind us.

We are now focusing on the great experiences.

What will be the magical vr content that brings life and attracts tens of millions in the future, like you said, hopefully hundreds of millions of people with sunglasses.

That's something we got together with on the vision with mark.

Looking at how to get to one billion people, a lot of it will be centered around gaming.

A huge focus on gaming.

It will alternately bring the next generation, the final generation of face-to-face communication.

We can sit here and have this kind of communication with each other and you believe we are right in front of each other.

That face-to-face communication is going to be a kind of longer horizon driver going to one billion people.

Exciting times.

Thank you, brendan.

That is the latest from e3.

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