Facebook's Sandberg Unloads Half Her Shares

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April 2 (Bloomberg) –- On today’s “The Roundup,” Alix Steel, Olivia Sterns, Trish Regan and Julie Hyman wrap up the day’s top market stories on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

New michael lewis book.

It's a top-selling book on amazon today.

It pains the tortured of markets rigged by insiders with computers for high-frequency trading.

Not the best timing for the high-frequency trading company virtu.

They had planned to start the ipo process but delayed market offering until the end of april.

Don't worry.

You are not the bad guy here.

If the system.

I don't regard high-frequency traders as villains.

I really don't. it's like blaming the lion for eating the antelope.

The system is screwed up.

Wired that way to do what?

Exploit glitches in the system.

They are not wired to say this is moral or immoral.

They don't think that way.

It's not just michael lewis going over the -- going out for the high-frequency trader guys.

It's something that might not go away.

The central issue is what will happen here.

If they are saying what they are doing is not legal, it will unravel a whole new set of problems.

They really cannot be blamed for something that was already legal to begin with.

They were still operating the framework that was legal.

That goes back to what michael lewis was saying.

Who's to blame here?

Can you blame them for exploiting the market opportunity?

Now you see the people creating an unlevel playing field by offering multi tiered pricing creating disadvantage for those who don't pay up.

Another example of the sec being late to regulate something.

On the program yesterday, they said we probably need to change some of this regulation.

There is talk about this would have been more relevant years ago when high-frequency traders were making even more money because of the market.

Most banks have caught on to the fact that this is happening and they have adjusted for the pricing advantages that come from the delays in getting their prices to the banks.

The revenue from high-frequency trading has fallen along with volume over the past several years.

There's lots of questions about the timing.

Is it even as relevant now?

Is it now less relevant even to do it?

The brokerage houses have caught up in figure out how to play the same game.

I have come out in support saying it lowers the cost for retail brokers.

Why are regulators after this?

To what extent are the so-called mom and pop investors affected?

When he was on "market makers," that was a big source of debate.

Do the people who use e trade actually get screwed or not?

His point was that retail investors do but critics say they are not true because they are investing into these institutions.

Sheryl sandberg is selling more than her facebook -- more than half of her facebook shares to 70 million shares worth over just $1 billion.

-- shares to 17 million shares.

Rumor has it that she might return to politics.

I've got to say that it's different, you know, to me in a cabinet level position and working under someone at the cabinet level.

It's a whole other thing to venture into pure politics.

I'm just saying.

There was a lot of drama surrounding her book and when she came out saying to lean in.

As much as there was positive reaction, there was also negative reaction.

It would be interesting to see her.

Clicked the rumors about her running for office were there.

She had the huge blitz internetworks is over $1 billion.

It seems to be the talk of the town.

Let's talk about media for a moment.

It's all about area when you are talking about -- it's all about aereo when you talk about it.

Eminem to pay for the content they are retransmitting.

They are saying what they are doing is -- they want them to pay for the content that they are retransmitting.

Barry diller is back in the media.

"market makers" anchor erik schatzker sat down with barry diller for an exclusive interview.

What happens if you lose?

Game over.

There's nothing you can salvage out of the business and technology?

It's possible that there is some salvage but aereo would probably --i say probably but it will probably not be able to continue in this instance.

This is an important court case.

The difference is that the various networks are the retransmission fees.

Does anyone still have an antenna?

You don't pay for it so that is what they are saying.

They are effect is under that right.

The argument makes sense.

Aereo is still selling ads.

They are the ones benefiting.

They are just subscriber fees.

That's where they get the revenue.

You are saying to yourself how is the scary?

Similar to but they should announced a few weeks ago that you don't need the equipment or the satellite, the whole thing.

It sounds like the cbs is preparing to rule--the supreme court is preparing to rule in aereo's favor.

They were given in exchange that they would invest in the infrastructure leaving open the possibility that anyone with the antenna could take the signal.

Vcr's did not have to face copyright infringement.

What is the difference in dollars and cents?

They get four dollars and retransmission fees.

If you break that down, we are talking maybe $500 million.

For most of these companies, it's not a huge chunk of the revenue.

Is it going to be detrimental ? not really.

After three decades together, russian vladimir -- russian president vladimir putin and his wife have divorced.

The stated reason is that they rarely saw each other rim but it was a joint decision.

You can barely find pictures of them online.

Was it a conscious uncoupling?

[laughter] i give this woman credit because she lasted three decades.

She must have seen something in him.

Who knows if she had a choice?

Coming up, the ncaa final

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