Facebook's Revenue Beats Amid Mobile-Ad Expansion

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Oct. 30 (Bloomberg) -- Facebook reported third-quarter sales that topped analysts’ estimates as advertisers boosted spending on promotions targeting users on smartphones and tablets. Jon Erlichman reports on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

Tell us?

A pretty good quarter.

$.19 was the estimate and came out with earnings per share of $.25. they were looking for a 60% increase in sales year-over-year and they were looking for about 1.9 billion dollars, sharply higher revenue and profit.

They have in the neighborhood of 1.2 billion monthly act of users.

The monthly mobile active users, the number we talked about earlier, the fact that the number of people using facebook on their phones and tablets has been climbing at a greater rate, you see that in these numbers.

This compares to about 600 million or so in the same time last year so 45% growth there.

How much advertising revenue did they poll in the?

1.8 billion dollars, $.60 increase in the percentage of the increase coming from its mobile properties, 49% of the revenue, so nearly half of the advertising is tied to mobile related ads.

To give you a comparison that was the number at 14% last year and it speaks to it facebook has been doing focusing on ramping up the mobile product in the ads tied in.

Facebook has a lot of control on where those ads go so that number is climbing in part because facebook has been moving its advertisers to that platform.

Huge reaction in the after-hours session.

This company spends a ton on building the business, more than $1 billion in costs and expenses again.

That's pretty routine.

Second quarter in a row we have seen an earnings beat and a stock reaction that is roughly 25%-30%. jon erlichman, thank you.

Kraft earnings beating

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