Facebook's Plan to Deliver Web Access Via Drones

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March 27 (Bloomberg) -- Facebook is working on projects to deliver the Internet to underserved areas by building drones, satellites and lasers, the company said today. Sarah Frier reports on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

Lasers and rounds?

What is going on.

Lucky for investors, this acquisition was less than $20 -- 20 billion dollars.

What is interesting here is this is really a huge product for zuckerberg.

He is looking long term.

He is realizing that facebook already has most of the internet connected world using its apps and they need to find more users.

So google has broadband balloons they are working on to try to bring internet connectivity to remote parts of the planet.

Is this a new turf war between google and facebook?

I think they are not going to work together on it or at least they have not given any indication that they will, that i think it is something they both know they need to do.

They want to be the one that gets it done.

Facebook wants to get this done.

Google wants to get this done.

They both want the credit.

I don't know how much of a competition it's going to be, but i think they will both benefit.

We talk about things like broadband balloons, self driving cars, google glass.

Is this facebook trying to say hey, we can do moon shots to?

I think the virtual reality acquisition was another nod at that.

Facebook has been pretty steady in its mission, right?

It's been pretty obvious what they needed to do and now they are surprising people, saying we are going to use lasers and drones and lanes -- planes.

It is a little like google or elon musk and all the others trying to make something happen here.

Tell me a little bit about the talent they are bringing on.

They have hired some of the worlds leading aerospace experts.

They created the world's longest solar powered unmanned aircraft.

And they need these aircraft to be in the air for long enough to provide connect tivoli.

They are really looking at nasa, boeing.

These people work with the top aerospace industries around the world.


Thanks so much for that report.

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