Facebook: S&P 500 Today, the Dow Tomorrow?

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Dec. 12 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg Businessweek senior correspondent Sam Grobart talks about Facebook moving to the S&P 500 and what comes next for the company on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

They have become the social web.

More and more, that is where people are going to do commerce, discover information -- not just communicate with each other.

I think if somebody wants shares in minnesota mining, how quaint, 3m. is the social world use whirlwind, is that equivalent to that old-style industrial world?

Is facebook equivalent to westinghouse?

In a way it is.

You have this well of information that if you mine it properly, you can really make a lot of money.

Facebook is where all of that activity is taking place.

For advertisers, companies, retailers, that is where they're going to find the people who are going to buy their products.

Are you concerned about the lessening of domestic interest in facebook spurs is a huge expansion of international interest in facebook?

It make sense.

In the u.s. we have been living with facebook for quite some time.

The idea the interest has plateaued since reasonable, but internationally, it is explosive.

Out the old, in with the new.

How long does facebook have until it is the old tech stock?

Those cycle seemed to be shorter the last 10, 15 years.

You are beginning to see some of the other cracks in the foundation of facebook.

They're coming out of europe and asia.

They're using the mobile platform to connect people in ways facebook has found, at times, other difficult.

If you think about your smart phone, you have a list of contacts.

The new app allows you to connect your friends, all it has to do is access your own contact list.

When we started on facebook, you had to build that network.

That was valuable, but is no longer such a necessary component.

The onus on countries like facebook, old guard -- and how old are they?

Six years old.

To go out and buy the smaller versions of themselves.

You see that sometimes with these talks about instagram's

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