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July 31 (Bloomberg) -- Juliet de Baubigny, partner at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, discusses why Facebook is so important to the technology industry as the stock approaches its IPO price and the talent wars in Silicon Valley. She speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg Surveillance."

Has to be breathing a collective sigh of relief after the one- year train wreck.

What is the emotion about facebook and the technology space?

Facebook has always been a very significant company.

For us, we did not get too distracted by the ipo and share price.

We are in it for the long haul.

Technology companies take a long time to get going.

Here is what is really interesting.

You have a great executive team at facebook.

I think the results have proven out that facebook is a very significant company for the long-term.

Certainly the growth in mobile showed they were able to read into the technology transition, and i think we will continue to see great things to come.

1-year-old stanford actually leave and move on four things to come?

It is the best team in silicon valley?

It is one of the best.

She is a great leader.

She formed a great team at google.

What did emphasize to me, the power is the magnet of talent.

And our industry, that is critical.

I think that is one of the many great things.

Did yahoo!

Get that right?

." a magnet for talent.

Transition is evolving there.


Has suddenly become a very exciting company to be a part of.

M the names that we do not know that use specialized in.

I think our fault is we focus on the big names, and it is the 20 and 30 and 80 names beneath them that really matter.

Let me give you an example.

Marissa has made 18 acquisitions.

One of them was a company, a 16- year-old kid from london.

What is said to me as we have a cohort we really need to pay attention to and high school.

I think the war for talent will get even younger.

Can you go after a 16-year- old?

The come to you.

You can certainly start mapping them.

We went on to the campus to offer junior's summer internships and portfolio companies.

This gives small startups an opportunity to go hire the best talent that hopefully they can build a long-term relationship.

We will spend more time talking about the talent war is going on in silicon valley, but as far as ceos go, which won has the best breeding ground for ceos?

One is the managerial talent.

You have a 15-year training ground for which companies like google and yahoo ! that have developed great ceos.

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