Facebook’s Big Launch on Its 10th Birthday

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Feb. 4 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Emily Chang reports on Facebook launching its new “Paper” app, which is now the number 2 most popular free app. She speaks to Adam Johnson on Bloomberg Televisions’ “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Chang joins us from san francisco.

I cannot figure out how this thing is any different from facebook.

It is a lot different.

Some people are saying that it could be better than the original.

It has 3300 reviews in the app store.

Four point five stars.

After using it for a couple days, the interface is mark.

It is for that person who is sick of using facebook out of obligation.

The app allows you to catch up on facebook, and at the same time, catch up on headlines throughout the day.

It is categorized.

You have one facebook feed, and then there are other categories you can choose from.

It includes headlines, technology, photography, cooking.

These other categories are not based on what your friends are sharing.

It is based on what people at large are sharing on social networks.

Facebook is curating what you are reading.

It is getting rave reviews.

The original software for the iphone, it hardens that to reading a newspaper.

It is mark zuckerberg state on a newspaper.

You can scroll these stories up and down.

So far, people seem to like it.

It is quite different from some of the other experiments they have tried.

Facebook home, which is gotten very mixed reviews.

This one seems to be doing well.

Emily chang, thank you for filling us in.

I consider myself educated.

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